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Preserve your temper!

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I'm having the same problem mark, it's so xxxxxxx cold here I get about 3 strikes before I need to take another heat!
I can't post a pic here (some error message) but it's on ebay.
It shows a guy next to an anvil, and it looks like he's holding a bowl with a wet rag and he's cooling the anvil off.
I can't imagine how much work it would take to overheat an anvil!

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You the MAN ! JK doing all that talking/selling AND enough forging to heat up an anvil, AND then have enough strength to load it UP!!! Did you ever notice when you pull in with a portable blacksmith shop there is plenty curious folks that will help un- load and set it up.. then when the event is over there isn't a soul to HIRE anywhere around to load it up?

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Note that "warm enough to wear gloves to load it" is probably several hundred degrees below "warm enough to mess up the temper". You should be able to boil water on the face of your anvil and not mess up the temper of it!

Now as mentioned it starts showing the tempering colours I would cool it down fast; but in 30+ years of hobby forging I have NEVER even got up to boiling water on it.

As most of us don't use strikers and work heavy stock by hand on an anvil I don't think this will be a concern. (Personally when I had a job working 2.5" stock it just had to wait until I visited a smith with a whopping big powerhammer---Chambersburg FTW!)

Also as mentioned in the winter the problem is usually the opposite with the anvil needing a preheat to help extend working times of your stock. I generally heat a slab of 1/2" plate as a face warmer. A friend uses an old electric iron set on high and placed on the face. The fellow I was apprenticed to used to hang paint buckets of burning kindling on the horn and heel of his 400# anvil, I had a 93# anvil I would store inside and bring out when I was ready to forge, etc.

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I've gotten the area around my hardy hole up into the tempering range once and again making hardy tools, but never the face, and I do work big stock with my strikers on my anvil. But the size of stock it would take to get the whole thing that hot is probably to dang big to fit onto the surface of the anvil. I'd worry if I were forging 4x4x12 blocks, back to back, but that is just way beyond anything we do in our shop.

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