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rail track anvil

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i found this 60lbs bit of rr track it was too pitted along the face to work with, so i thought id use it upright.hear it is ready to be cemented in a bucket.i dressed it for knife making,a small muilty tool.the face has been polished to 120 grit.i will have to make a cover for the hot cut when its not in use its sharp!






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Nice anvil you have there. I agree with the cover of the hot cut. Anything sharp that sticks up is hazardous. A piece of used garden hose slit lengthwise with a bungie strap may do the trick.
I like that it has many possibilities and mounting it verticle is the way to go. The more mass under the hammer the better.

Thanks for posting.
Mark <><

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Thats a nicely done RR Track anvil. I started with one and am still very glad to have it. It has its detractors and I can see their points about mass under the hammer. The way you have your set up is a good way to do it. I've also seen some people who do what you've done, that is set it on end, then used a thick piece of plate they weld to the end for additional mass. The end result being, they have a 100 lb anvil. And that is plenty of mass for a small anvil. Way to go. Well done.

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That's probably the best example of a railroad anvil that I've ever seen. Never even though about making all those added work stations to one of them, and I don't doubt that it will be great for making knives on! Very good job.

One thing I might do differently is to remove the hot-cutter portion and weld on a section of 1/2" or 3/4" round stock in its place. As a built-in fuller, that round stock would help a good deal to move metal for tangs and make finger grooves or radii for transitional areas. A short section of coil spring would work wonders right there, and you won't have to worry about any "accidents".

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