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    Ethel, MS
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    Blacksmithing, martial arts, atv/dirt bikes, and shooting.


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    Ethel, MS
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    Learning new things to make the old ways easier.
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    Dirtbikes, martial arts, weapons of all types, working with wood and metal.
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    Operate a wire cutting machine.

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  1. Last year I got a quote from L Brand coke that I could get 2000 lbs delivered for $526. Now I know that was last year but I can't imagine it's reached $1000 yet.
  2. There are many forge designs. I hope this helps. Here's the post where I showed mine. I was countryboy39067 before a login mix up.
  3. Joshua I've never been picked on for being a blacksmith. Most people around here in Mississippi find it interesting I do something their Grandfather did. Besides I'm a martial arts instructor too....I admire your anti bully techniques!!
  4. Or hand them a block of steel and only say "Here's your sword"..... :)
  5. Thank you, I've worked very hard at it! I'm actually using it in a demo scenario showing how we can damage people if we bully them. I also do martial arts demo's with the Namido Fire Team, a Christian martial arts club. I'm not all bad, I just dislike know-it-alls!
  6. Ive tried forging M2. Let's just say I'm saving mine for all those people who think knife making is easy. :)
  7. "I like to make skillets and fill them with gold"!!! Lol funny stuff! :)
  8. I've been thinking of doing the same thing except I'm considering upsetting it to have a slightly larger surface because I think my track may be smaller.
  9. My forge stack is 21" dia. I have no smoke issues as long as the local wind stays below 20mph.
  10. I originally thought about building a forge trailer. I guess I'll return to that idea. I hope to do demos in the future so I completely understand all the view points and suggestions previously mentioned. Thanks guys!!
  11. Hey folks. I recently aquired a large 12V evaporator fan used in defroster and heater units. My idea is to build a portable forge table and pot that would mount in the tow receiver hitch on my truck and use the trailer plug as a 12V power source. What's do y'all think?
  12. I'm setting mine up with a blower and motor from a clothes dryer. I haven't plumbed to my satisfaction yet, so I'll post on it's performance soon.
  13. 2004 Dodge Dakota 4x4 http://warriorsmith.shutterfly.com/pictures/15
  14. My only access to this site is via a smart phone. This is the only option I've found.
  15. Here's a photo I took while forging this past summer. http://warriorsmith.shutterfly.com/pictures/10
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