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    I work primarily as a Compounding Specialist for a local pharmacy. I am an Eagle Scout (oddly enough never got the black smithing merit badge) and I tend to have a lot of hobbies. I'm a fairly decent photographer... I'm better with photoshop than with a camera :) and I like to get things hot in fire and whack em with hammers. Other than that I'm happily married and that pretty well covers it.

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  1. I'm interested to see where this has gotten to. I was in chat and commented "I wonder why no one every forges their own vise other than the massive amount of upsetting needed" to which Dodge responded that there was a girl doing just that! Brilliant. Can't wait to see more.
  2. Wanted to point out that the meeting for April is the 13th, after Blade.
  3. BUMP for this post. I've started aquiring parts and the 10" Grizzly wheel seems to be a reasonable entry level wheel. I was wondering if anyone has any idea what the bore size is (shaft size) on the Grizzly. It is not on their website. If it is a large enough bore I'd love to slap some bearings (with spacer) in it and convert it to a rolling wheel instead of a drive wheel.
  4. There is an entry fee to the park. You need not register with the AFC if you plan on just walking around and checking it out. If you plan on attending the demo's then you must register.
  5. I use a norton 8k as my finish before moving to a canvas strop with pastes. It takes a good bit of practice to be able to put an edge on these razors consistently.
  6. Not that the pattern welded isn't better, but for those not in the know, Kershaw has an outstanding warranty program. If anything on the knife breaks, just send it back to them to have it repaired/replaced. The warranty does not however cover things like broken tips or chipped blades. Kershaw charges US$10 to replace broken blades. BM454 I am an avid fan of the leek and have a composite and damascus version myself (both made by kershaw not me) Fantastic fix there. Aside from the edge profile it looks almost exactly like mine.
  7. Mine is the one on the bottom, Double B's in a Bumble Bee. "Blake Benefield". On a copper bracelet.
  8. No experience making them... But I sure do enjoy using them! That has a nice subtle smile to it.... 8/8?
  9. Use a quarter or a dollar coin and make your class ring. Just get a coin with the year you are graduating on it. For the cost of a mandrel, some math (to find center on the coin) and a nylon mallet you can make the coin into a ring that still has the writing on it. Easy Peasy
  10. From what I understand the event for the young smiths has now been moved to Tannehill Historical Ironworks Here is a list of the events. International Young Smiths Schedule of Events- July 12-27 2013 Hosted by Tannehill Forge School of Blacksmithing at Vulcan Forge Open to the Public! Come for a day or camp out and watch the whole event free. camping contact: mckeemetalarts@yahoo.com Friday- July 12 Meet and Greet Event Opener with the International Young Smiths - 5:00 pm Come meet and talk with Brian Brazeal, Alec Steele and the 2013 International Young Smiths team as well as
  11. CD Works, there is a Huntsville forge group. Check out Alaforge.org under the contact us page.
  12. Reminder, this Saturday there is an Iron Pour at Tannehill. Sunday CVMikeRay will be teaching steel roses at the Bell Barn in Tannehill.
  13. Just a reminder, the 2013 Batson Bladesmith Symposium starts Friday, 4/5/13!
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