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I Forge Iron

You might be the WIFE of a blacksmith if ...

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You might be the WIFE of a blacksmith if ...

You buy black towels for the bathroom
You have to double wash blue jeans to get them clean
You gave up on patching the holes in his clothes

You gave your black lab (dog) a bath, and found he is a yellow lab
You save your old olive oil to coat his iron work.
You found steel sticking out of a dumpster, and call and tell him to bring the truck.

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You ring your hubby after he's been to another auction and straight away ask 'so how many more powerhammers have I got to pay for now"? then add "are we actually going to use this one or will it just join the collection behind the shop".
You know never to buy him a white shirt,
You never get into his car wearing white,
You have long since stopped being concerned when you notice another burn on his body.
His party trick of getting frankfurts out of boiling water with his bare fingers no longer amuses you.

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You ask him if a power hammer would he helpful in you shop & " buy " it for him

You see hubby drooling over a 12 ton " flypress " on e-bay & ask would you be able to use that in your shop & tell him too bid on it ( & win it )

You see hubby " playin' " with the metal outta scrap pile & give him $ 500 to go buy steel cos you know that's the best way ta keep him outta your hair for at lest a month

You ask when are you goin' to make the stuff i asked for & not the cheap trinkets he keeps making to sell at demo's / shows

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You refer to his anvils as his "harem".

You send him out to the forge to cure "constipation of the soul".

You've stopped on the side of the highway to let him walk back and pick up the hammer he saw "roadkilled"---and you are on the way back from the Dr's office where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and can barely walk.

You tell people that you are a steel-wool couple as he is a blacksmith and you are a spinster.

You are used to the postoffice staff asking "what is it this time" when heavy flat rate boxes show up.

You braid his beard for him before big demos.

You *know* where Troy Ohio is and how long it takes to get there from New Mexico!

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You might be the wife of a blacksmith if:
Your kids all have safety glasses of their own.
Your 8 year old daughter can forge a S hook
Your 16 year old daughter has a forged dragon hood ornament on her first car.

Your beautiful 4 year old with long ringlet hair likes to wear bibs and walk around craft festivals with something iron and say" My Daddy just made this, want to buy it?" And the 4 year old sells several hundred $ in iron a day!

You need a tack hammer, and your hubby makes you one.

You need a rack for your bike to carry your lunch, and your husband spends the weekend making one, and it weighs 1/10th what the store version does.

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