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I Forge Iron

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So my fathers birthday is thanksgiving. He retired after 28 years of Louisville PD to craft fishing lures and now sells to prowler and other distributors. I never have any clue what to give as a gift so I thought I would do a tribute to his craft with my own.


Doing the barb on the hook I thought would be no problem just form it like I would a fire poker... a lot different when you do it 1/8" thick, so this was barb 3 or rather the barb that didnt break or burn off.

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I had a friend who retired from Bell Labs after 30 years or so. For his retirement party I forged him a couple of fishing items---he was a sailor (ex-merchant marine) and he and his girlfriend had an on-going contest: each weekend they would go out in his boat and the person who caught the biggest fish was bought dinner by the other. Around the time he retired he had lost quite a few times in a row---so I first forged a 2' fish hook from auto coil spring and tied some plastic tubing to it to act as "mono-filament" we presented it to him telling him that perhaps he needed a bigger hook to catch bigger fish.

Next I had forged a large hook out of much smaller material, garage door spring IIRC; and fastened one of the filament dusters---the ones with all the small filaments all over and bright colours---making a "fly". At the party we told him if he can't win one way to change the contest----and gave him the 2' long "fly".

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