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  1. Could you give me some info on the mocotaugan in the 3rd photo. aquamanlr
  2. I had a good meet-up. I am looking forward to another meet. LeeRoy
  3. Very good WIP. I like the use of basic parts and design of your knife. LeeRoy
  4. Nice pieces of jewelry you have made. LeeRoy
  5. Thanks for the link Fe-Wood. I will be in that area, on that weekend but the $80.00 for one day is out of the question. Maybe on the next one. LeeRoy
  6. I am in Ore. to see family, and see that there is a blacksmith conf. in driving distance. Can a person just go in for one day, and look around or do you have to attend all 4 days. I would like to visit the tailgate area also. I only have internet when we are in town, so any info would be helpful. LeeRoy
  7. There is a number of bottle openers shown on the site. You can find some with the search button at the top of the page. LeeRoy
  8. Weltall That would be great. I would like to try and replace the mount to put a hand crank blower on it. Thanks aquamanlr
  9. Weltall Your forge looks like the one that I have, they could be sisters. Mine has the blower mount cut off. I now know what to make it look like when I replace it. With mine was a Buffalo Forge # 2EH blower and a General Electric I/8 hp 115 motor. I think that blower is to large for just 1 forge so I will replace it with a smaller hand crank blower that I have. Happy forging LeeRoy
  10. Ian In prepping your grill, you use a wire brush and then wipe it down with a onion. I would like to know what is the purpose of the onion. As you may guess I am no grilling expert. LeeRoy
  11. I used to visit a couple pocketknife sites and there was hand razor forums on them that a person might look into. Be safe. LeeRoy
  12. I have a blower, Buffalo Forge Co Buffalo, N.Y. No. 2 EH W 686 The motor, General Electric 5KH33BB1B KH 1/8 115
  13. aquamanlr

    4" Gift

    My SIL just gifted me to post vises, I only had to travel 1900 miles to pick them up. The 4" is dated 1895 and has a long diamond with a V and unreadable letters and Co. Any one have any idea what the make is? LeeRoy
  14. I would think that a 1/4" round head brad could fit the bill, that is just a guess from a bad eye with no depth perseption. That can't spell either. LeeRoy
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