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A very usefull tool for the fly press

Timothy Miller

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This may or may not be an original idea. But I came up with this on my own. I have seen a similar tool of different construction at the Memphis Metals Museum. I was inspired by an old tire bender with rollers that could be dropped into different grooves for quick adjustment. It is a tool for bending straightening stock in the fly press that leaves no marks on the stock. I find it especially useful for bending top and bottom rails on curved railings. It is good for making irregular bends that don't follow a consistent arc. My Fly press, I think is a #8 I got it an auction for $55 it is a bit sloppy, has no stop nut and it seems like the thread was shortened at some point but it does the job. This tool will handle up to 1 1/4" hot rolled cold. The axles that the blocks swivel on are 3/4" 4140 and the rest is hot rolled steel. The blocks swivel to lie flat against the stock so that it leaves no marks. The blocks also have a round cut away to cradle round stock as well there are a few different rams as well. In addition I have a set of V-blocks and matching ram for bending steel on the diamond not pictured. You can take a bar and bump it with the top ram to produce long gentle curves or take kinks out of stock in a precise controlled way. Though it is difficult because to do with one person because the fly wheel is so large and heavy but it is doable. The the swiveling blocks can be placed in different grooves allow sharper or loosed bends. This is the most used fly press tool in our shop. All of my tooling is welded to 8" x 8" plates that bolt down to the press bed.



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Nice pictures southshore, great idea too! I had the pleasure of seeing Daniel Miller show a demo on how he uses a fly press for his work. Outstanding!! I had no idea about the power, control and versatility one can achieve with a fly press.

Thanks for sharing!

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Great tooling! What's the deal with the stop blocks under the v-blocks? Wouldn't there be less chance of marking if they did pivot?

It looks like they are allowed to pivot somewhat and the stops prevent the v-blocks from flopping over when positioning stock.
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