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I Forge Iron

Olive Oyl The Blacksmithstress

Ferrous Beuler

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They broke the sign, the door, the floor, 3 anvils, one forge, two walls, and made couple of large holes in the roof. The wall behind Ms Oyl was pretty tore up until just before she was rescued (it is now brand new with no damage). The same wall was again demolished during the rescue so make that three walls. To be fair, they did shoe two horses, put tires on two wagon wheels, made an anchor and a fair amount of anchor chain. And the blacksmith gets the girl at the end and leaves you with a smile on your face. :)

And did all that in 6 minutes 27 seconds.

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I LOVE POPEYE!!!! these stories are great - thanks for posting - popeye is clearly the better man - bluto has his appeal but theres no real comparison - check out popeye deflecting the horse shoes - he has the moves !! and then when he makes the chain and anchor.... well - that is when olive needs to get a grip and marry the sailor!! thanks for that video - love popeye the blacksmith!! may even be IN love with him .. :lol:
ps re cartoons and animation - i know what you mean entirely, but there is a whole new wave of artists and animators using proper hand drawn stop motion or whatever techniques out there - this stuff will come back big style - do not despair!!

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