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I Forge Iron

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Wow, Danger,that is impressive cool.The head just takes the forging cake,boss.All the joints are fantastic,especially those orbital nests that they sit in.
The forging marks everywhere are xxxxxxxx great, for some reason i have not realized before just how FORGED the whole deal is.

But that head,man...

I can easily believe that you're on to something,that you can take this stuff really far.

It's a real pleasure to see something like this!

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Well, she is pretty tall, almost 10' close to 1/4 ton. Torso forged from 6" and the head is forged from a chunk of 4" square 7" long, the rivets have 2" heads. No welds, the wings, head and leg articulate.

Jake, I like the nest reference, its interesting scary is a common perception, any beauty out there?



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its interesting scary is a common perception, any beauty out there?

Beauty and awe, for sure......I assumed it would stand on a coffee table, should have known better coming from you....The fact it didn't fit the frame in the first pic should have given that away......Many of Chris Ray's pieces looked as though they were from the dark side, evoking that emotion is just as valid as doing a Unicorn (gag).....The fact his claws are covered with gay (no I don't mean that) feathery fans makes me think he's really in a great mood and would likely party till dawn and leave me be (I had the same feeling at a biker party once)........Who says we always have to make nice?.........
BRD reminds me of this character from Disney's Night on bald Mountain....


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Beauty here Boss! This says FIRE,come dance in it with me!
I see it as a dark Phoenix ,pointing to the balance between the dark, cold iron of it`s physical presence and the heat and light of it`s birth. I feel the same elemental energy and potential in this piece that I get from Larry`s (Smithy 1) forged face elements. They are primal and carry far more energy than what you can take in with a picture or quick study.
The size of this piece also takes it to a different level and gives it a presence that cannot be denied. I would locate this around a corner in a city, park or gallery and then put up a camera to record the reaction of people when they first see it. I bet you`ll be surprised at how strong the reactions will be.

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wowzers danger!! had not realized her full size - she is so statuesque! - and CERTainly beautiful, she is graceful, she looks balanced great, shes elegant to me not scarey in the slightest (each to his own with fear :mellow: ). ideas about beauty vary hugely (which keeps things interesting i guess) and convention would maybe say a NO to strong fierce confident and a bit dark for a Lady, but wheres the fun in that - and you didnt create her to be a conventional beauty i wouldnt have thought so its all good! her joints are the best for me, the hips i love and the knees!! loving the marks. and the head is surely what makes her an individual - i think she is a complete one off - and you have a language all of your own boy! And it aint Abstract :rolleyes:

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Thanks for your comments, I really like your take on it Bob, may have to get some surveillance equipment :ph34r:
I am having a solo exhibition of work through September at Cherrylion Studios in Atlanta http://www.cherrylion.com if anyone is interested.
Opening the show Friday the 9th 6-9pm directions are on the website.

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