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Hey guys im wanting an expert opinion on how i should set this up. I want to know if the plan for the fire pot is good, it will be 6in from the back lip and 8x8in 5in deep 6x6in base, I want to set up a good hood for it, one where i dont have to do a super sucker. Also advice on how to make a good ture and clinker breaker would be nice, iwant to set this up nice. Any tips, pics, ect would be awsome. thanks all.

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Do you have drawings of what you have in mind?

Suggestions on fire pots. You will not be heating metal the same width as the length. If you are heating 1/2" rod, will heat 1/2" in width and 6" in length. My suggestion would be to go with an 8x10 or 10x12. (I'd vote 10"x12") The long side of the firepot should be the same direction as your metal when the metal is lying in the fire. I would recommend sticking with about 4 inches deep not 5. 6x6 inch base is fine!

There is not trick to a clinker breaker. Take 3 pieces of 1x4 x 1 or 1/4 x 1 1/4 flat bar and weld them together in a triangle. Cut a piece of rod 5" or so longer than the distance from the far side of the firepot to the near outer edge of the forge table. This rod should fit into the inside of the flat bar triangle. Weld it in place and bend the handle side straight down.
Here is the thread to my forge build. It shews pictures of this clinker breaker system and how it fits into the ash dump.

If you are just starting out, build one exactly like the one I built, just a bit smaller and you will be very happy.

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Ok i see what your saying about the fire pot, my only problem is that i cant seem to find the metal to make it, dont have alot of money to buy plate stock from a store so it will be a tough one. How thick should i go on the fire pot? 1/2 3/8? I aslo unfortunantly have a problem with cuting but i think i can manage that. I keep trying to upload a pic of the forge table. its not wanting to let me though. I want it to be able to heat long peices of metal, so if the pic uploads you will see what im working with.

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well the fire pot is taken care of, one of my budys was hunting in his barns for something and found this old steel plate, 5/8 thick!!! already have it cut up and ready for welding. now im working out flue design. Im thinking sheet metal 10 inch, if i have to go with a ducting for the flue im going to line the inside with clay to prevent what happend to Dave. btw thanks dave for all the help

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My pleasure! I didn't realize talking to you that you are 18! I just turned 19! I've been blacksmithing since I was 13, and I LOVE it.

Sounds like you are set for a firepot. What size did you decide to go with?

Having used the duct work and having to change it out, and having for the past two days tried to bend a piece of sheet metal into a fue pipe, here is my suggestion.
Ditch the duct idea! If you do go with it, you could try the clay but go with 12" duct so that your finish diameter would be 10. Don't go any less than 10" pipe.
Stainless steel is the obvious solution but I don't think either of us can afford it.
I would suggest buying some 14 or 10 gauge sheet metal and having a welding shop bend it square, or going with culvert pipe.

WHATEVER you do, DON'T try to fab your own pipe using a 4x10 piece of 16 gauge, a homemade 12" form, and three ratchet straps.........:)

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I stated clay on sheet metal as a fire pot idea. Unless you are building a masonry chimney, clay isn't going to help anywhere else.

If you decide to go with a masonry chimney they make flue tiles to simplify construction. This is for when you are sure you are staying with blacksmithing and are not moving anytime in the foreseeable future.


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