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I Forge Iron

Redwood Burl and Damascus

Robert Mayo

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Well i got around to actualy grinding and finishing this billet that i got from Phillip Patton quite a while ago.
The blade is ground from just under 1/4" 1084/15N20 and is 6 5/8" to the guard with through tang const..
It has a stabilized redwood burl handle and copper fittings.
I'm not sure if i should call it a fighter or a bowie that's why i'm asking you folks!
Thanks for looking and your comments.


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i believe it could be safely called either. if your looking to sell it then let the market decide. which sells better bowie of fighter. I would imagine a fighter would sell better in a market with younger people, but a bowie would sell better with the outdoors crowd. after all no matter what ypou call it, that's a heck of a knife. good job

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Very nice knife Mr. Mayo. It has very clean lines. Definitely something for me to aspire to.

Thanks Mark
By the way Mr. Mayo is my dad just call me Bob :P .
I'm sure you will do great at it the main thing is take your time speed comes with experience ;) .

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