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friction welding

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NM Tech is home to Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center, EMRTC, and so the campus is will decorated with explosive art: repousee and explosive welding!

My office also shakes several times a week when they light one off behind the mountain on a test pad.

May I commend to your attention "Solid Phase Welding of Metals", Tylecote

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Curiosity question, the extra molten metal on the outside is milled off, what about the inside? Or does centrifugal force take care of it and force everything outward?

I believe that is a drill rod for water or oil wells, and a small ridge of material on the inside is of no consequence as a controlled mixture of mud is pumped through it.

Very cool videos.

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I've been to an EMRTC open house where they did a 1 oz letter bomb, a 2 oz briefcase bomb, (both plastique), an improvised munition and 400 pounds of ANFO in a car---great fun!

Also they started a tradition where graduating seniors at NM Tech could blow up books/old course work/stripped computers---and my Daughter graduated last spring and invited me to watch.

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Well, if you upset pipe you'll see that all of the forces are outward - automatically.

Grant, now that you mentioned it, I can see how it would go outwards. If it went inwards it would actually have to shrink into a smaller circle. That would create more resistance than moving to the outside. Cool.
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