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I Forge Iron

Bully Injured while on duty

Dale Russell

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G'Day all

Need youse all ta send Get Well's to one of Victorias finest . Injured while on duty . Is recovering with approx 160 stitches to his face , shoulder & hand .

I did tell him he wern't ment ta " try " stop buses with his head .. :)
Still has his sence of humour " Said shelias love scar's " ( Well he's got some ripper 1's now )

Plastic surgen did a pretty good job on him i hear , most likely to need more

Dale Russell

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I'm putting Bully on the list on this side of the planet.

Just out of curiosity is stopping a bus with your face in the same league as catching a falling tree with your head?

For the record, I HIGHLY discommend both.

Frosty the Lucky.

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