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Soldering copper attractively?

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Hey Folks,
I'm just wondering whether there are solders out there that are copper colored. If I want to solder together a few ornamental copper pieces, is there any way do do it such that the solder doesn't stick out like a big silver thumb, or is that the way of things?

thanks in advance,

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Look at stained glass suppliers they sell a solder for doing the copper foil work rather than the lead cames.

Thomas, My wife has a stained glass studio and teaches classes. The solder used on both copper foil and lead came
is 60/40. The copper foil joints are silver colored or patineaed black.
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You can use copper patina on tin/lead solder.
Like this. http://www.amazon.com/Super-Brite-Copper-Patina-Solder/dp/B000N64PDE
I've used it on stained glass work. It leaves a thin copper plating on the solder.

I have seen this on stained glass work that my mother-in-law did and the results were impressive.
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