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  1. Steeler

    Show me your vise

    I made a swap recently. My 4 inch english made machinst vise on the stand I made for this cut down 4 inch leg vise welded to this rail plate. Both parties won. What do you think?
  2. Nice work Beth. The bold textures are very apealing to the eyes. I think that a woman blacksmith offering her original hand forged works would be irresistable to most of the public. Sure to be a hit. Good luck with your sales . Awsome that you provide your daughter with the opportunity to express herself by creating things from her own ideas. You rock!
  3. Steeler

    new vise stand

    Randy that's a nice chunk of wood and unless I'm mistaken, probably as good as using a steel post.
  4. Steeler

    Belt buckle I made

    great idea! I think I need one of those. :)
  5. :) I would like to express my gratitude to all of you for all the good wishes and prayers that I have witnessed on this forum. It has shown me that there really are men and women in the world that care about the welfare of others. I am encouraged and inspired by your posts. May you all experience the healing power of the love of God that flows so abundantly. God bless you.
  6. Wishing all a peaceful holiday. May you find fulfillment and contentment in the new year.

  7. Might be for spreading battery cable clamps?
  8. Cool tool, nice shop, beautiful work. I'm inspired! Thanks for posting. :)
  9. appealing form and nicely done! :)
  10. Great start! Heat, Hammer, Observe. Have fun.
  11. Dave, Thanks for that video. Nicely done. I have to try that now. Steeler. :)
  12. I cut some sawmill catwalk a few years back on my 10" dewalt radial arm saw and it was 18" wide. I could only take about one eigth inch per pass, so it took awhile. The results were great. A little deburring and the job was done. A couple of weeks back I put a 12" abrasive disc on the same saw to cut a wide piece that wouldn't fit on the chop saw or my small cut off bandsaw. The blade guard won't fit over a 12" disc, so I set that aside. I forgot to start the cut from the front to push the blade through and that disc exploded as it tried to climb over the work piece. I was lucky to have had at least enough sense to be standing to one side when it happened. I'm grateful that I didn't get injured. Don't do what I did.
  13. Hello Sidney! I saw your post about coal. I bought a couple of sacks from Home Hardware in 100 Mile House and it cost me $40 per bag plus $25 per bag shipping. that's almost a buck a pound! surely we can do better in this coal rich provence than that.
    I have been hobby smithing for a couple of years now and have been hoping to find others in the interior to compare no...

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