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  1. they even make songs about it..... Some like it hot
  2. really glad to hear he is doing so good
  3. Thats great news.... Prays for a speady recovery
  4. nice Finnaly talked my wife into letting me build one... only thing i have to do first is paint the tin roof(7 pitch ),paint kitchen,paint hallway,paint kids br, clear fence line, find a place to put all her plants when it gets cold,re-arrange livingroom,build deck in backyard, but swing up on porch,put swing up in yard,paint rafters and not make a mess when i build the forge in the old chicken pen.. A fair trade I think :)
  5. found this info on google begin a fire with rolled newspaper and kindling wood. Another option is fire starter cubes or coal mice.Once the kindling is burning well, add hardwood. Hardwood will burn at a higher temperature and anthracite coal requires a good hot bed of coals to ignite.Keep your stove drafts open during loading and when your coals are hot and ready; add anthracite. Add two shovelfuls, distributing evenly as best you can, then close the stove or furnace door.As the anthracite coal fire progresses, you should have several inches of red coals. When this happens, continue adding shovelfuls of coal until it reaches the top of the firebrick. This will seem like a lot, but figuring how to burn anthracite coal is an act of learning how to get the heat level just right. Too little coal and you won't generate enough heat. Too much and you'll likely smother your fire.Once your coal is fully ignited and burning well, close your ash door and adjust the dampers for your coal stove to control heat output.
  6. i've seen where some ppl use dimmer switches for lights to change the rpm..
  7. Skieve


    Am just getting into Blacksmithing.. Gonna try to build my 1st forge this week Hopefully it will work out.. have watched just about every youtube vid i can find on the how to... we'll see how it turns out..lol
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