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This last Friday My son and grandson went to a Steam Show.On the way we stooped at a shop had a lot of stuff in it. low and behold I found two vices and a reduction gear box 12:1. All for $100 :D. The reduction box is going to turn my treadle wheel.Then we hit the Steam show. My son was like a six year old. Makeing him just 5years older than his son.LOL. We had a grate time, then I found the market of markets (see I don't get out much) Not even past the frist vender and I was the kid in a candy store. Looked around some and Then i headr some one clling my name true ho true come over hear and tuch me hold me get me HOT! A FORGE!! I feal in Love. She then said that I could have her. The better half might have somthing to say I thought to my self. And I got her with two fans. For a $100 I think I did all right. The green vice has Cole Tool MFG & Chicago HTS Ill.







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I found a vise similar to the green one, minus the anvil section. It was laying along the road that goes through the Lake Mead Recreation Area. I think it escaped from a scrap metal hauler's trailer, as it was headed towards the desert. When I found it it had a slightly bent handle, but otherwise OK. I scooped it up, and gave it a place out here on my property where it can recuperate from it's harrowing ordeal :D

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