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  1. This is my humble shop. Lots to get done this winter,like put it in some sort of order:o right!
  2. STOP! Read what you just said! :mad: First: Can you forge a tapper? Then can you make a hook out of it? And not in ten heats ether.If not then how are you going to forge a knife? Wah-la... Stock removel? Cool..You know that when you make your blank you have to cut it out. Wah-la... With what? A grinder belt? Look as Thomas Powers said. GET SOME BOOKS. Read them then come back and ask the right Qustions. True
  3. It just ain't gona happen dude.True
  4. I have the 6" x 48" coote. I put the step pulleys on and it works just fine. Though it would have been nice to have gotten the 10" X 72". You how it go's no moun no funn! AS for speed I would look into a DC type motor. https://www.surpluscenter.com/home.asp Give this a look may help. True
  5. Deb And Frosty I will keep you in my prayers. True
  6. As a Gold & Silversmith, boric acid & acl are used to pervent fire scale. Borax is a flux. Ether one do the same. Helps to keep the oxy at bay. I make a mix of 8oz Borax to 4oz Boric acid for a solder flux. 16 oz of water and reducde down to a past. True
  7. This last Friday My son and grandson went to a Steam Show.On the way we stooped at a shop had a lot of stuff in it. low and behold I found two vices and a reduction gear box 12:1. All for $100 . The reduction box is going to turn my treadle wheel.Then we hit the Steam show. My son was like a six year old. Makeing him just 5years older than his son.LOL. We had a grate time, then I found the market of markets (see I don't get out much) Not even past the frist vender and I was the kid in a candy store. Looked around some and Then i headr some one clling my name true ho true come over hear and tuch me hold me get me HOT! A FORGE!! I feal in Love. She then said that I could have her. The better half might have somthing to say I thought to my self. And I got her with two fans. For a $100 I think I did all right. The green vice has Cole Tool MFG & Chicago HTS Ill.
  8. sorry to hear that your son is not doing good Steve.. I do hope and pray for his helth to retrun soon..God Bless
  9. Yes Jimmy right on.. Brewce my thoughts are with you>
  10. To all, I do thank you. I got a suppose in the snail mail the other day."though we have never met you are a fellow black smith therefor you are a brother god bless your recovery." That has given me the hope of men. I know now that bounds are truly given free. William thanks. I have much to be thankful of now.And Glenn Thank you for this site. I do fell that i have been given a new chapter of life. Thank Y'all much. True
  11. I be back now.... Thanks! I do fell lots better too. I hope that I don't need this agin...See ya'll on chat.
  12. Address is William Threlkeld 7404 37th Ave SW Pequot Lakes, MN 56472 Hey...Thanks Guys for your thoughts....Beth
  13. True wanted me to let you guys know that he is back in the hospital. Went back in late last night. Same thing, the pain just is not going away. The room # is 626 218-829-2861. Sure hope he gets well soon. Thanks Guys....Beth
  14. I uesed part of a plowdisk for this one. Overal it is 9"X2". I like the black& the small hammer marks too
  15. I uesed part of a plowdisk for this one. Overal it is 9"X2". I like the black& the small hammer marks too
  16. I uesed part of a plowdisk for this one. Overal it is 9"X2". I like the black& the small hammer marks too
  17. I uesed part of a plowdisk for this one. Overal it is 9"X2". I like the black& the small hammer marks too.
  18. Tell us have you cast your wax yet? If you run into a problem let me know. I have spent maney an hour casting. If you would like i can do it for you...
  19. Hey Thanks Guys for the thoughts & prayers.... I BE BACK!!!
  20. Hey Everyone, True wanted me to let you know that he has not left you guys. He is in the hospital with Acute Pancreatitis. He will be home hopefully wednesday. If anyone would like to givr him a call the # is 218-829-2861 room 621. Thanks...his other half Beth
  21. What are you looking to cast. steel,iron,gold? how big?
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