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We have a tractor show to do this weekend, and there were some guys wondering what to make to sale. This is one of the first joints I figured out when I was on my own. I had never seen it before. It is really simple and quick. You can just drill the holes and counter sink them, but I always punch them. This is just about the only time that I use a flat bottom punch because I want a counter sunk hole. The counter sink is what makes this joint work, and if you do not put the counter sink towards the outside, it will not work. This cross can be forged within 15 minutes, and you can decorate it all kinds of ways. I also use this joint for frame work. Notice that the piece that will form the rivet inside the counter sinks is barely longer than the two pieces stacked together. All you do is hammer the 2 pieces down to the same plane.









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Nice one Brian,

Good to see the use of a square shanked rivet, many don't know how useful these are, and will replace the need to use two round rivets when holding something that otherwise could swivel. Last time I used one was to hold a trivet together, 3 legs and a handle joined at the centre.

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