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I Forge Iron

Anyone have plans to make this dragon?

De St Uby

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Hello all,

At first :sorry for my english...
Ok, i have " discovered " a forge on a great french blacksmithing site. Never see such a forge before...
My question about this " dragon " : anyone have perhaps plans ? Or an idea of the interior parts ?
Then a few links with photos, ( sorry for the quantity ).

Photo 1

photo 2
photo 3

photo 4
photo 5
photo 6

photo 7
photo 8
photo 9

photo 10
photo 11
photo 12

photo 13

Thanks for every tips about this " dragon forge "....

The first photo has the full link to the site and gallery page, the rest link straight to the image. This was done to save bandwidth and loading time for both sites

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Wow, took me a second to realise it was a forge and not just a sculpture. I expect the head/mouth contains a bottom-blast fire-pot. Original and pretty but not much of a fuel reserve. I expect the body to be a simple frame welded up (6mm-ish rods or weld-mesh) and the scales and such are simply welded on.

Don't worry about your English, it's better than a lot of people whoa are supposed to have it as their mother tongue... and it's better than my Francais!

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It's the same as any other forge - it's got an air supply and a firepot - it's just got a different sheetmetal housing than most. Now I'll have to see if I have an extra firepot laying around - looks like a cool little project to add to the others on the list. Certainly would be an attention getter. - JK

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That isn't the sort of project you can get plans for, it's the kind you have to bring forth from your mind's eye.

I don't think there's anything special about the forge itself but there's sure something special about the blacksmith. Thanks for posting the URL.

De St Uby:

If you'll click "User CP" at the top of the page and edit your profile to show your location it'll make a big difference. IFI is represented by members from more than 50 countries and information will vary depending on location. Besides you never know when another member lives just down the road from you and you can both benefit from hooking up.

I have a friend kind of like that though he claims he's not a sculptor, blacksmith, etc. just a retired lawyer with some tools and a welder. Jurustic Park - Creatures From The McMillian Marsh

You're right Terry, it is something like, something like (yes, I said that twice on purpose) I might build some day. I picture mine laying almost prone with it's open mouth facing upwards, front arms and claws handy helpers and a hydraulically driven power hammer rear foot. Okay, I know that's silly, the tail will be a jib boom crane smoke stack combo too.


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ok now I know the addiction has sometimes got the best of me, but tell the truth, when you saw that dragon, didn't you immediately say to yourself, hmmmm, maybe something kinda different would be cool, and at some time in the quiet night, won't you start planning yours?? I know I probably will.

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I saw that forge at the Belgium Knife show a couple of months ago. It looked brilliant and I couldn't resist taking some pics myself :D

I think it just gets taken around to shows and used for demonstrating small things. There was a small boy operating the bellows when I saw it, but he didn't speak enough english for me to work out who made it. Looked simple enough to build assuming that you can do the sculptural aspect of it the actual forge is pretty simple.

Maybe email the organisers of BKS and ask them to put you in touch with whowhever the forge belongs to? Or try and make it up as you go along?

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