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  1. Thanks guys Stock was rebar for tentacles and a solid piece around 1x3/4in for the head.
  2. Yea i figured somebody would point that out lol. I decided too keep things simple its my first sculpture anyway.
  3. Anvil from my grandfathers tool and die shop.
  4. I put a rheostat to control the blower and I experimented last night trying to forge weld i was able to get the steel to a very bright orange or yellow color. I tried folding a file its kinda sticking on the end thats it. Ill try it with borax next. Either way i guess it should get up to temp if i throw a bunch of charcoal in, id assume it all comes down to efficency after that.
  5. Good idea guess ill get something figured out to control airflow.
  6. Im using lump charcoal. The pipe is 2 inchs in diameter and no control other than low setting on the hair dryer. Would it be best to just use a smaller pipe or a rheostat. Or both? I guess i never realized the blower could also cool the stock. As for the name its just a gamer tag i use. Also that sounds like a good idea since i have a pretty much unlimited access to empy freon tanks.
  7. My first proper forge i made from a freon tank. I made it with the idea that it should have a nice U shape and provide some steel to help conduct heat with the aid of dirt as insulation to keep it from radiating that heat. I also decided to keep the other half of the lid to futher that idea of traping heat, whether it actually helps or not im not sure. Im using a hair dryer and charcoal. So far ive used it for a day its working well and its seems more efficient than the hole in the ground i used before it. Just not sure if it will reach weld temps yet or if it will eventually burn throug
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