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  1. There are flats where the Anvil is clamped down to the base. I hope it gets to stay local, I have found two locals interested, both of which without any money. but its only the first weekend I attempted to sell anything so we will see where it all goes.
  2. Thank you! Id love to keep them for when I retire, but I haven't used them in a couple years, and got some rental property I want to work towards paying off. I have contacted another blacksmith here in ABQ and a friend of mine makes swords, so hopefully between them I can get some reasonable price. Thank you guys for your quick responses! now I just need to get all my ducks in a row for what I am selling
  3. I have 2 post vices a small spoon swage block a larger (I think 18" x18") swage block some custom hammers (I cant remember what metal the guy said they were made from) Set of custom punchs hand full of tongs (various levels of quality) a little crank coal forge A home made treadle hammer and a pile of attachments for the anvil
  4. Haha, oh yea, sorry about that. Im in Albuquerque New Mexico, USA I will try that 4 year old has lots of chalk
  5. Hello All, I got into blacksmithing about 6 years ago, I have found that I haven't had the time to really do it. so Im working on selling my stuff. I don't know how to identify the Anvil. I did a little searching on the fourm and didn't see anything that looked like the markings on my anvil, but I don't have much to work with. There are some faint markings on the side, maybe someone can make something of them? Does anyone speak Beat-up-metal? I believe the anvil is about 400lbs, but not certain. Follow up question: reasonable pricing estimate for the anvil pictured? Thanks, Dave