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  1. Ok, a friend offered to be a striker. What kind of hammer should use and what weight?
  2. That indeed sounds like hard work. I have seen people forge out a bar and the folding it over each other while leaving a punch in the middle and forge weld it. Is that too advanced?
  3. I'm a practical guy, that's why I like to be able to do stuff I want on my own. I guess that comes from the survival tours I did with a friend, where we basically built things using sharp rocks, wood, clay. I admire your patience to learn stuff on your own, not everyone can pull that one off. Did you get that leaf idea from Alec? He recommended doing a gazillion of them. The pictures below are from clients who finishes that course showing their finished projects
  4. xxxx that's expensive, but depending on the hammer type you pay that or double. That's why i prefer buying used stuff or make it myself. Can't wait to finally hold that glorious glowing steel in my hands. What was the first thing you did? Is a hammer really that hard to do while getting help of a seasoned blacksmith?
  5. It's about the same. 1€ equals 1.11 USD
  6. That's cool, I got one of them for 10€ and no shipping.
  7. That's what I meant. I bought this old Bundeswehr hammer (it's a 1kg Peddinghaus) and gonna do a little work on the edges.
  8. Ok, here is what I intend to do. I'm going to by a used Schlosser Hammer, which looks similiar to your Cross pein hammer and make the flat side a little round. The thing is, there is only 1kg and 1.5kg. Which one should I purchase? What's your opinion?
  9. Thats why I intend to create my own hammer in my blacksmithing course. I have a little trouble in finding out how a cross peen hammer is called in german, since shipping from abroad is quite expensive. I'm currently on ebay looking for "cross peen hammer" and there are many different shaped heads. Which one are you suggesting? [commercial link removed]
  10. Ok, so I picked the right hammer, I guess. My goal for the next few years is to be able to forge my own tools like hammers, tongs, shizzles and the likes. I am a professional gardener, so I am no stranger to hammers.
  11. Thanks for the reply, I see the advantage of having different sizes and such, that's why I choose to create my own hammer in my smithing course. What size would you recommend? I'm no native english speaker, what do you mean by: Greetings
  12. Hello, I'm just starting out and only got this approx. 800g hammer. Is this good to start out with this one? I'm looking on Ebay for other hammers but I have no idea what each one is for. Can you enlighten me, please?
  13. Hello, I got most of my things set up and want to take a blacksmithing course to get the fundamentals down, like what basics tools to use and how, choosing the right material and completing it with a object of my choosing. I'm thinking of forging a tool, like a hammer. I'm a practical guy This is the course: https://www.jochen-schweizer.de/geschenkideen/schmiedekurs,default,pd.html#faqTab Is there any german around who can share experience or recommend another one? The reviews are all very positive and the tools they finished with look very good. Goos night!
  14. That is correct. Germanic tribes under Arminius annihilatesld one eighth of the entire roman army and pushed them back over the Rhine. It marked the decline of the Roman Empire. I'm very proud of my past
  15. That's an enormous price difference, wow. Here thats a rather common price for second hand anvils. Just yesterday I saw a 551 lbs for around the same price. But from what I have gathered the south german design is pricier than the northern counterpart. Is there anything you can tell me regarding S&H anvils? I haven't found much about them here yet. Once i return from my vacation I'll jump at building a JABOD forge!
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