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  1. Hello there, In the last test I used light firebricks to reduce the forge chamber size and to block of the openings but it still won't come up to full temperature and the material will leave huge almost black cold areas after taken out. The material was about a light red when taken out. Burner is forced air ribbon burner. With 1mm nozzle and 23, 8mm holes in the burner block. Insulation is 3 layers ceramic wool and 20mm hard castable refractory. Maybe the refractory is too thick or it's the wrong type? I'm happy for your help and thanks in advance for all your answers. Best regards Lasse from Germany
  2. Thanks a lot for your tips! Today I tried blocking the openings and making the forge interior smaller by stacking fire bricks I already had (hard type of fire brick)on the side the burner is facing. I think the forge is just too big for the burner and I'll get myself some soft fire brick to reduce the forge size. After about 15 -20 Minutes the forge was quite warm and I was able to turn the gas pressure down. The flame turned to quite a stable state then. I think it will run fine with the soft fire bricks in place and some proper doors. Is it normal that the flames almost disappear at that temperature? The forge was always running on the picture and you can barely see the flames. Thanks for all your help
  3. Hey guys, I've finally built my new forge and had it drying for a couple weeks before I first tried it out and had it slowly coming up to temperature. But after 20 Minutes it still wasn't nearly hot enough and it didn't seem to go any higher maybe the forge is just too big for the burner? The burner is made from 1 1/2" pipes, gas nozzle is 1mm and the burner block has 23 eight millimeter holes. The Forge is insulated with 3 layers of koa wool and 20mm castable refractory. The blower has 600m3/h and is speed controlled, when I turn it a bit higher than on the picture it blows itself out. Thanks in advance to anyone!
  4. Thanks Buzzkill! I'll order a variable speed blower now. I think that will be okay and I'll get a needle valve for the gas too
  5. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum so I'll introduce myself, I'm Lasse a 19 year old blacksmith and tinkerer from northern Germany. I built my ribbon burner and I'm trying to tune it in now. First of all my blower is probably too weak right? It's just a tiny hair dryer but I'll get a new one with speed control soon. And I can't turn down my gas really low it's going down to 0,5bars and then it's blowing the burner out. And I also have a good 3' of dragons breath. Currently I have a 1.5mm hole as an gas intake. I'm happy for any advice
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