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  1. Grumpy Biker, what did you use to clean the swage block? You have done a great job. I have one that I dug up in an old quarry, haven't got round to cleaning it yet so any tips would be great. I think this is the problem, certainly in the UK, people with more money than sense watch decorating programs and will pay silly money for what they see as decorations.
  2. The lads cleaned up our workshop and threw all the scrap steel in a 45 gallon drum for me. Should last me a wee while once my elbow is playing the game again. Spanners, punches, files, various flat and round bar and the frame on top is 2/2 solid bar. Don't know what I'm going to do with it but it will find a use.
  3. Alexander, you sir are a true craftsman. I love your work and have to be very careful to not let my Mrs see the screen otherwise I will either have to step up my game by 1000% or commission you to build her stuff. Billy is your mouse okay? Seems to be taking a very long time to eat that nut. When we had one living in the house it decimated any food it found.
  4. A very good policy to have, the world would be a much better place if people took the time to help others.
  5. I thought that would be the case but they look so well finished I can't get my head round how you would get round them on the anvil being so close to the head
  6. Das those letters are top drawer. I can only imagine how much of a pain in the bum they must have been to get everything so uniform. Ausfire, love the hooks, especially the steer one. Did you split and draw the horns out or weld them on after? I can't imagine either way being easy.
  7. So very sorry to read that Iron dragon and jhcc. I had to ask the vet not to wake one of our cats up on Friday after they found bigger broblems than they thought during an operation. Both Spud the dog and our other cat spent all weekend mooching round the house looking for her. Animals bring so much to our lives even if it's only briefly.
  8. Like most of the previous posters I use WD40 or GT85. Unfortunately the rules behind taking substances on site these days and needing full COSH assessments for everything don't allow home mixed concoctions. Way back when though on compressors with 2 foot diameter I would put a couple of inches of paraffin and diesel on the top of the cylinder and light it with a rag, it heated the cylinder and the oil mix got very hot and thin and worked it way right through.
  9. My Welder came from a machinery auction at a closed down factory. Cost £50, weighs about 200kg and is oil filled and 3 phase. Its very rare it gets used these days but its powerful enough to weld 1 inch steel plate all day if you wanted to. Also have a cheap mig set that is the go to for simple sticking bits of metal together rather than dragging the beast out of the tool store.
  10. With stick welding I find it's all in the rods, I am not a professional Welder but have done plenty over the years and have used lots of different brand rods. I always revert back to Orlicon Super core rods. I don't know if they are available in the USA. Also keep your rods dry, the flux coating is a bugger for getting damp.
  11. Thanks guys. Got to pretext the little dude. They are not doggles though, they are Rex spex. We find them much better than doggles.
  12. Meet Spud. He loves traveling by bike and throws a wobbler if I go out on the bike without him but is fine if I go out in my van and leave him with the Mrs.
  13. That guitar is top notch. I love the use of spanners. Full marks that man.
  14. Didn't exactly follow me home, it was delivered whilst I was on site. The previous owner of my workshop put up the shonkiest lifting beam you have ever seen. It's 5 inch wide I beam tack welded to the roof trusses and it gets in the way of my forklift loading the racking so I decided its removal is a good excuse to buy a small plasma cutter.