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  1. Dax Hewitt

    Knife Class Log 107, Sharpening

    Having seen a grinding wheel explode and tear a hole in a sheet metal locker door 5 feet away I doubt the typical perspex guard would do much to save you. Best thing to do is go on a grinding wheen course and learn how to use them correctly before you go near one and then use the guard because it's better than nothing and will protect you from sparks and debris even if it doesn't do much for an exploding wheel.
  2. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Thanks for posting the link Das, it made interesting reading. The rotors looked quite a bit bigger but all is clear now seeing them in context like that.
  3. Dax Hewitt

    Simple scrap dragonfly

    Those critters are excellent, great tutorial too thank you.
  4. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Running low on butter knives? What about the what I assume are starter motor rotors.
  5. Dax Hewitt

    Christmas items 2018

    Das you creativity known no bounds. I love that little snowman.
  6. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    The old fence for the display was a cracking idea. Really sets the stuff off. Some top looking stuff too. It's great to see a young person actually doing something. I don't know what it's like in the USA but in the UK the majority of kids I come across are only interested in games consoles and their phones and think the world owes them a living. Top marks for rolling your sleeves up and "forging" your own way in the world.
  7. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    Ben your first leaf looks about as good as my 6th, seeing as I haven't been able to use my forge for 2 weeks now it's probably better than my No7 and no8 will be
  8. Dax Hewitt

    My first forging

    First forging with your new set up. I burned a few bits of steel when I got my own fire but it didn't take long to lead the difference between my fire and the one I was using on the course's.
  9. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    As always some great stuff on here. Particularly 58ER's vines, they look amazing.
  10. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    That's a beast. What's the hammer shaft? Any chance of it starting to bend at that sort of weight.
  11. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    The value of any given product or service is all dependent on what someone will pay for it. I had a sales rep in last week trying to convince me that his companies £1000 a day training course for my sales guys was excellent value for money because of the return on investment when they brought in more sales (despite the fact they already bring in more sales than I can cope with). I wanted to know how a 1 day PowerPoint presentation is good value at £1000 when I just paid £750 for a 3 day course to qualify me to work in potentially explosive areas. Yes and no. I had an argument with a dentist customer of mine recently. She called me out at 8am on a Monday morning because her compressor didn't work so I dropped the job I was doing, battled the rush hour traffic to get there to find it had blown a fuse (I have advised before it needs a 16 amp supply but she runs it on a 13 amp plug). I changed the fuse carried out some tests to make sure it was okay and went back to my shop. Before I left she said she hoped I wouldn't be charging her £100 for the job just to change a fuse. I said that with the travel there and back plus the time on site testing etc it was a 2 hour job. £50 a hour is a fair rate. I also pointed out that she charges me £20 for a 10 minute check of my teeth so that works out at £120 per hour. Ahh yes she says but that covers my premises and equipment, the nurse, the reception, on going training etc. I pointed out that my £50 per hour covers my time, my offices time to process the job, my workshop, stores and office space, my van and tools, the minimum of 10k in spares in my van and a fleet of loan compressors in case we can't fix it there and then. We also undergo training multiple times a year for both technical skills and health and safety regulations and myself and all my guys have done 4 to 5 year apprenticeships. Finally I pointed out that when I need a dental appointment it's normally a few weeks wait but I'm expected within my price to offer 24/7 cover with a 2 hour response time. She paid the £100.
  12. Dax Hewitt

    My forge

    I wondered what caused the pattern, thank you. Galve is rather annoying for me. I can get hold of loads on site, brackets, pipe, flat stock, bolts, nuts etc but 99% of it is galvanised with a good thick coating.
  13. Dax Hewitt

    My forge

    Galve steel has a dull gray colour to it. It's quite distinctive if you know what you are looking it. Sheets of it like in the attached photo would typically have a pattern to it but pipes and smaller items don't tend to but the colour is a dead giveaway.
  14. Dax Hewitt

    What did you do in the shop today?

    That looks really good but you have broken the compact that all men have had since the dawn of time. Never let her know you are capable of finishing a project. She will come to expect it and she will tell her friends, the next thing you know it will be expected from all of us.
  15. Dax Hewitt

    It followed me home

    The local garage that looks after my work vans saved me a few springs. 4 in this bag and a second bag of 4. As is normally the case with me I don't know what I am going to use them for at the moment but it's not in my nature to turn down free stuff. Though I will scrounge anything I can I also believe in sharing so if there is anyone in the Leeds area reading this that could use a spring or 2 let me know.