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  1. I know you all are talking about wild blackberry and I grew with them in Missouri. I tried growing them in Kansas and the deer literally ate them into the ground. I tried everything short of a ten foot chain link fence. Now gooseberries are a different story. How did we get off of making charcoal?
  2. I hope you have good suspension on that little pick up.
  3. Gotcha. I don't envy you with that job. That being said, if I were close enough I would lend a hand.
  4. Thomas, in one of your posts you mentioned "moving North". How far North?
  5. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. Maybe that is the reason. Tell her to keep her chin up. Laynne
  6. Any updates on the employment situations posted on this thread? It's been awhile since anyone has posted. I've been there several times and it's not a good feeling. Regards, Laynne
  7. Fair enough. Three quarter inch tuyere hooked up to a buffalo 200. Blower speed depends on whether I'm using hardwood or soft wood charcoal. Thanks for the input. Laynne
  8. I want to see a picture of it when you are finished. I'm connected with a Scottish heavy athletic group. Laynne
  9. I have been puzzling over this for a few days now. My fire pot is about two and a half inches deep with a brick laid flat on each side to form a trench. I can weld and easily work up to one inch square in it. I have tried deeper with very little luck. What gives? Laynne
  10. Just got in from weeding the asparagus. We have a step granddaughter and still two kids to start their families, so I may catch up to you Thomas. You all and your nailed on footwear. Oh, that's a handful I am glad to have.
  11. Sure won't do me any good to argue with that.
  12. Somehow I don't think that fits into the spoil them category. It would probably work though. That's a good idea for demos Thomas, I will file that away. If I ever get to that point.
  13. Gotta get them to keep shoes on first.
  14. Yes indeed, and their three year old sister.
  15. Thanks, I will expose them early.
  16. Yesterday we had a party for our twin granddaughters first birthday. I made each of them an "A" for their first initial.
  17. Yeah, 40 plus years in aviation and my ears ring constantly. I will look up the tinnitus meal plan.
  18. One of my coworkers brought these to me, 17 1/2" diameter.
  19. JHCC, thanks for the additional pictures. That's what I envisioned, also did a web search and looked at the images. Thanks again.
  20. JHCC, more pics of the Mason jar handle please. I've not seen those. Laynne
  21. Not so much for new scars but I did have eight inches trimmed off of my beard. The forge wasn't a big deal but way too close at the anvil or vise.
  22. I was having withdrawals during the website update yesterday so I visited another forum. Just wanted to say thanks to all that make this sight available, from the moderators and curmudgeons to the newest members. Laynne
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