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  1. Osage orange is the best firewood in central Kansas. It was planted along the fence rows for wind breaks. If you are ever down this way give me a shout. Laynne
  2. Thanks for the reply. I have been toying with the idea of a permanent fire pot.
  3. Arthur210, You say it took less to fill but when forging how does this type set-up compare to a JABOD for charcoal consumption? Laynne
  4. I have a couple of hours work with my chainsaw and the three bars and the saw blade are coming home with me.
  5. First off, I am sure your post will be moved to the anvil section. I feel safe saying it is not cast iron. Go to the anvil section and read, read, read. Do not grind the face of the anvil. Wire brush it and start hammering hot steel on it. It will clean up. Add your location to your profile, there may be someone on the forum close by.
  6. I would have to say you are "thinking inside the box". I also see no reason that won't work. Be sure to let us know how it goes when you do it.
  7. Jay.bro, you are on your way. It looks like you have some warping going on already. Some angle iron along the top will help with that and will work to support it when you get it set in a table. Like Lou said, and I think you are working to that end, control the length. If you are heat treating a Bowie knife or doing long scrolls you are set. Most of the time you won't need that much. Keep us posted on changes and performance.
  8. Uncommon valor was a common virtue. Tell him Semper Fi for me, and happy birthday.
  9. Thanks Steve, that gives me a good mental picture of how you do it.
  10. The temporary set up makes more sense with the one off/occasional use. Thomas, I now remember you speaking of the trench dug in the yard. When I've done it one way or the other I will report back.
  11. More food for thought. Thanks for the input. I've been thinking maybe there's a simpler route. I could go from the 3/4" tuyere to 1" with a ball or gate valve to control air flow. Less time tearing down for plumbing, fire bowl stays the same size.
  12. I was thinking 3 pipes in a side blast configuration. Roughly 12" long by 4" wide. One pipe coming in from each end and one at 6". I would block the ones on the ends with fire brick when not in use.
  13. Has anyone experimented with multiple tuyeres in a JABOD using charcoal? I have come by some shafting in the 2-3" range that I would like to work in the forge. I have read the JABOD threads, just wondering if anyone has tried it. Any do's or don'ts.
  14. Kansas, yesterday 60*f, rain, wind 60-70mph out of the South. Today wind 40-50mph out of the North and stray snowflakes.
  15. The handle looks like it could be off of an old Gem or Jewel hand cranked well pump, but I believe those were chain mechanism.
  16. Pnut, I think you are on to something. That gearbox and handle are vaguely familiar, but I can't place it. An old cream separator maybe. Laynne
  17. Thanks for the tips. Right now I have a 80 bushel hog feeder about 90 percent full of charcoal I have made from pallets and stove screenings. The container above the fire is interesting. Some of the volatiles would probably start cooking off? I can see campfire forging getting pretty warm, definitely want to do that in the winter. Laynne
  18. Some more thoughts. I had just about given up on hardwood charcoal. I used it with a bottom blast with good results except for how much I used. Since going to a side blast not so much. Too muddy to cut wood this morning so I fired up the forge. I was cranking along without a lot of heat, then Glenn's words hit me "air makes the fire hotter". Cranked a little faster and there it was. Now with the pallets I am able to get, and the coals I save from the stove, I don't see having a fuel problem. Laynne
  19. Laynne

    Show me your vise

    I'm sure I will find more uses as I go along.
  20. Laynne

    Show me your vise

    I got the old pipe vise freed and cleaned up. A one inch bar fit between the lower jaws and I replaced the upper with a piece of 3/8s plate. I'm going to give it a try for a twisting vise. Laynne
  21. I keep seeing posts stating that charcoal is expensive. I have been at this for a year and a half and haven't bought a lump of charcoal yet. I am able to get pallets free and make my own. I understand if you live in an urban area there are regulations on open burning. Wood burning stoves and fireplaces are a source of charcoal. If you don't have one you probably know someone who does. I took some quarter inch screen and made a sieve to sift the ashes out. Maybe this will be of use to some maybe not. Laynne
  22. Page 100 in my copy. Lots of info in the book. I would recommend reading it. Laynne
  23. Hand Forging and Wrought-Iron Ornamental Work by Thomas F. Googerty has some illustrations.
  24. What Glenn said and welcome aboard. Semper Fi
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