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  1. Thanks for the info. They would definitely be a challenge to work with. Glad they are good for something.
  2. What about sickle section guards? I think they are drop forged, are they good for anything? I have been using the buzz saw like that for a couple of years. Not for the faint of heart.
  3. I am going to go ahead and get it but I think I will use it in the driveway. It is some vile stuff. I had to tear my fire bowl apart and turn all of the bricks 180 from the fire they were so coated with clinker. Thanks for the input.
  4. $25. The 30 gallon drum will be the burner for my charcoal operation. The vise is soaking. Just have to see how long it takes to free it up.
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I think it is mostly the sweepings from the bottom of the bin. I will know more when I clean out the fire bowl. Little bit of a learning curve having only used charcoal. That nasty smoke should run some of the wasps and carpenter bees out of the shed.
  6. My daughter told me the building she works in has some coal in the basement, was I interested. I got a sample to try. Most of what I got went through a quarter inch screen, pretty fine. I started the fire with charcoal and started adding coal. I was expecting anthracite but to my surprise I get a thick cloud of gray smoke going up the stack just like in JLPs video. It took a while to get get to forging temp. I figured this is because of the coking process and will be quicker with coke to start with next fire. When wetting the fines, can they be formed say in an old ice cube tray for later use? Is it better to make a putty consistency as it will be used? Last question, there is about 200 gallons of this stuff is it worth the trouble? Oh, it's free. Thanks in advance, Laynne
  7. I have been on the forum for about a year and a half now so I guess it's time to introduce myself. Honestly I just found this section a couple of weeks ago. I was raised in South West Missouri in an old house with four rooms and a path. The good old days? Joined the Marines in 1978 got out in 1982. We moved to Kansas in 1988 and our current home in 1999. Medically retired from the Kansas Army National Guard in 2013. I am having a blast learning this craft/trade. I have no illusion of making a living at, just making stuff for the house and friends and family. I would like to hear from other smiths in Kansas. Thanks to all who participate on here and the knowledge shared. Laynne Burnett
  8. If you haven't read the JABOD threads, I recommend you do so. Double action bed inflators are popular for charcoal because you are only feeding air when you need it, not when you are at the anvil. It will save on fuel.
  9. Looks like too much air. If the hair dryer is connected to the pipe disconnect it and just point it at the pipe. It more than likely won't need to be pointed directly at it for adequate air. Play with it and see what works best for you.
  10. I started with hardwood charcoal but have switched to mostly soft wood from pallets. I get fewer fire flies, less ash, and I don't notice any difference in burn rate. If you aren't already making charcoal check out the threads on different methods. Lots of good information here.
  11. Yes sir I suppose it would. I hadn't considered that. Making charcoal 10 to 15 gallons at a time it's not a big deal.
  12. I use charcoal but it would work for coal. I finally put an old hog feeder back to work. Took off the feeder ring and built a drop and put legs on it. I know way more about how they are put together than I ever wanted to.
  13. I have not used coal so I can't speak to that. Like Thomas says the design makes the difference. I was able to cut charcoal consumption by sixty percent or more when I went to side blast. I have a more consistent sweet spot therefore I get more done.
  14. I will throw mine out there. It's made from the business end of a wood splitting wedge.
  15. Laynne

    Post Vise Help

    Sorry, I meant pallets for making charcoal. I think there is a group in Wichita, you might check with them. Nice looking vise.
  16. Laynne

    Post Vise Help

    Where in central Kansas? I can get you pallets if you are interested.
  17. Dana1942, have you found any other markings? He also says in the book if you find mouse or hole, you have a Mousehole anvil. Laynne
  18. I checked my copy of The Mousehole Forge and I don't see any logos with the weight above Mousehole. It sure looks like one though.
  19. Chelonian, Is it working for you? My forge is in an open implement shed and I have been on the search to get the smoke and heat above my head. I also used 8" pipe because it is what I had on hand, a couple of steel posts, baling wire, and part of a coffee can. It drew most all of the smoke and I could tell the difference in the radiant heat. I use charcoal.
  20. Well now I know. Thank you. I have considered working the pein into a punch but I probably won't. I may find a use for it as is. Laynne
  21. I have had this hammer for a few months now and I haven't found anyone who knows what it's for. Any ideas? Thanks
  22. It definitely does the job with a little more space on top. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the next couple of months my focus will be on cutting fire wood. I will get in a few hours of hammer time when I can. Laynne
  23. Maybe it's a hybrid, I forgot to mention the dirt I used for fill. It is 2x2 feet overall. The barrel top I was using worked fine but, I'm a little square so I do better with straight lines.
  24. I put together a new frame for my jabod. I used 2x6s from an old pallet, some sheet metal that has been laying around here for the sides and bottom. The firebrick came out of an old wood furnace. There is a 3/8s thick plate for the bottom of the fire bowl. It is 3 1/2" deep and 5" wide, 6" long. I spent the afternoon pulling nails out of and cleaning up a bunch of old rusty horseshoes. Laynne PS: Firebrick does get hot if anyone was wondering.
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