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  1. Time will tell. This old Jarhead now understands better why the CPOs are held in such high esteem.
  2. Yes, she has done the work, thirteen years and multiple deployments. I will pass the congratulations along.
  3. My wife and I just got home from Norfolk VA. Our oldest daughter is one of the US Navys newest Chief Petty Officers. We had the privilege of pinning her new insignia on her lapels. We are a little proud. Her ship deployed Saturday.
  4. Gazz, I am going to give that a try and see if I like it. I will post how it works for me. It will be a week or so. Heading for Norfolk, VA Wednesday. My daughter is getting promoted to Chief and the wife and I are going to be there for the ceremony. Regards
  5. I will give the enclosure a try. The hood is set at a height that I can just see the far side of the fire when I am at the blower. Thanks
  6. It does a pretty decent job. One puff made my eyes water during six hours today. I will eventually replace the eight inch pipe with ten. I will almost always make do with what I have for as long as I can. I have been called tight, I say frugal.
  7. First fire in the forge that followed me home the other day. The depression for the tuyere lent it's self nicely for a side blast bowl I had welded up awhile back.
  8. Then I would have to sell him a forge and blower, those are my toys now. He is already pulled in so many directions he doesn't know if he's coming or going.
  9. One of my coworkers and his son clean out abandoned storage units for the scrap metal. He is watching for blacksmith equipment for me. He gets better than scrap price and I get a pretty good deal. There was a 147 pound Peter Wright in the unit but I think he is going to hang onto it.
  10. Buffalo Climax blower on the stand, Champion 40 with the forge. The vise has 5 1/2 inch jaws. I've started the soaking to free the screw but it looks good. Missing the mount and spring, no big deal. Tongs and round, square, and hex stock. All for $150. I didn't think that was too bad. The bucket of horseshoes and spikes I brought home from SW MO after the weekend at my parents. The disc blade too.
  11. A couple of things to add. There is a lady in the Wichita area that has been dubbed "the Crazy Goat Lady". She has a small herd she leases out for weed and brush removal. It is obvious from the news clip that she has a blast with the goats. The other is that in the mid '80s I was working on the side for a dairy supply company. I had the opportunity to work at a goat dairy. We were setting up a new milking parlor. As I remember it was one that rotates. I never got to see it in operation. It was quite the education.
  12. I have taken a couple of days away from the forge. Not so much the temps, but the humidity and lack of wind. It has been more like it was growing up in the Ozarks, I didn't know any better then. Today is supposed to be better so I'm planning on being out there after work. Stay cool and hydrated.
  13. Point taken. That's where it was when I was using the fuller and yes it moved like butter. I should have taken another heat before tapering. I'm separating it from the known material as it pops up. Then it won't surprise me, maybe. As long as I keep learning it's all good. Thanks for the pointers. Keep saying it and eventually it will get through.
  14. I did it again. Grabbed some half inch round, cut off a piece, used the fuller on it. I thought to myself "that was easy". Went to taper it and it started fraying. It was from an old gate brace or something, about twenty feet long. Two weeks in a row now. I just keep separating it out until I decide what to do with it. I live on property homesteaded in the late 1800s. The barn was demolished before we purchased. It's hard telling what I would find with a metal detector.
  15. That was going to be my next attempt. Then I will probably get it all together and put away for a rainy day. There were two of the box cars I had to demolish because of the insurance company. I cringe now at all that went to the scrap yard. Long before I became interested in Blacksmithing.
  16. John, sorry to hear that. Prayers sent. Laynne
  17. Thanks. I was reading through some posts on wrought iron and that is what I was gathering. I think it was Thomas Powers referenced Practical Blacksmithing so I am going to get my copy of it out and study up on it.
  18. Thank you Steve. I guess I had better educate myself on working wrought iron then. I have several of them.
  19. What I can tell you is that it's a bolt from an old wooden box car, circa 1920. I had at orange heat to cut on the hardy. I hit it once turned it a quarter turn, hit it again, quarter turn hit it again and it sheared off. I flattened and punched one end fine but when I went to drift it split out. So I tried drawing one end and it frayed. Dull orange sparks on the grinder. Heated and quenched it and it bent over the anvil, no cracks. Any ideas?
  20. I have a 149 pounder of the same vintage. Yes they have a steel face plate. Definitely.
  21. I'm an aviation electrician by training since 1978. I have been in component overhaul since 2013. I perform the 600 hour inspection/overhaul of Learjet horizontal stabilizer actuators.
  22. That would be hot. I'm afraid the fusion speeds up the arthritis, as I'm sure you know. I don't think the plate has much to do with it. Most people think I'm crazy wearing long sleeve shirts year round. The shirts have nothing to do with it.
  23. Well I have fused vertebrae and a titanium plate in my neck and all that goes along with it. Heat is the best therapy for it.
  24. Not me. I skipped work today and was at the forge from 0800 until about 1600. It was a great day. I will take triple digit temps any day. It's twenty degrees and colder that puts me in the house.
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