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  1. Ok... maybe I should just drop my pride and go with wool and throw out the bricks. wish I found this site before I started
  2. Never heard about glass bubble insulation I will check it out, another guy also recommended asking in pottery shops for soft bricks. So il do some searching before ordering from us amazon
  3. I think I will use this burner for a while and get some experience and then build a better forge and just re use the table\cart
  4. Alright thank you for the advice. Still haven’t found soft bricks, guess I have to ship from America
  5. I found a guy called Sam fowler that sells burner kits. Anyone here have any experience with his burners?
  6. When you say 3/4 inch burner is that the nozzle diameter? Sorry for the dumb question.
  7. It’s 296,7 In³ What size of burner would you recommend? They have sizes in smal, medium and large but I have no idea what that relates to. the forge inner size is 296,7 In³ Alright, do you know any other brands that would be better? Since I’m a complete beginner I feel that a lot of stuff about this craft and the information I find on this forum is above my head so a “turn-key” variant sounds appealing.
  8. They look promising, I’ve sent them an email. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Yes the housing is just placed on top of the bricks so I can easily replace them. im having trouble finding the stuff I get recommended to buy here in Europe. I can find k26 on eBay but it costs double the amount of the cost of the bricks to ship them to Sweden. And the the same goes for different types of refractories, most places don’t even ship to Europe. But thnx for the advice I will try to up my google game and find resellers or alternatives in the eu
  10. Started building after doing some research online looking through several dead blacksmithing forums and reddit. Did not find this place until after I started. Wish that I did because than I would have changed the material in my oven. right now it’s lined with hard firebricks on the inside and the floor. I’m looking for some guidance now about buying burners. I have found a seller here in Europe named devil forge but since I’m a complete noob I have no idea which model burner I should order. I’m thinking that I will buy two burners. Do you guys have any advice?
  11. Hello guys I've just started building my first gas forge and I'm looking to coat my firebricks with Plistix 900f or itc100 but I'm having trouble finding sellers in Europe. Do I have any fellow Europeans in here that can point me in the right direction? I think I posted in the wrong section, how do I delete my post?