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  1. Thanks for the lengthy reply with a lot of good advice! maybe I can switch the hoses close to the burner for metal pipes. And for doors I’m planning to use bricks. I realise it’s not an optimal forge, I found this website after I already built the forge so I missed out on a lot of great information. It’s been a trend for me during this build not knowing what I’m doing hehe. But I hope I can learn from my mistakes and build a better forge in the future. Right now I’m just really exited and want to try hitting some metal with a hammer.
  2. Thnx for all the pointers guys. Going to make the changes and start moving metal
  3. Yes they are devil forge burners, thanks for the ideas. Will check if we have those Clips here in Sweden.
  4. Thank you, Im planing to do some reading about burner tuning. Thats a good start
  5. That sounds logical, don’t know why I didn’t think of that.
  6. Just finished my first forge, I don’t know that much about plumbing do you guys think this looks alright? IMG_0755.MOV The video does not seem to work, trying YouTube instead
  7. Ok... maybe I should just drop my pride and go with wool and throw out the bricks. wish I found this site before I started
  8. Never heard about glass bubble insulation I will check it out, another guy also recommended asking in pottery shops for soft bricks. So il do some searching before ordering from us amazon
  9. I think I will use this burner for a while and get some experience and then build a better forge and just re use the table\cart
  10. Alright thank you for the advice. Still haven’t found soft bricks, guess I have to ship from America
  11. I found a guy called Sam fowler that sells burner kits. Anyone here have any experience with his burners?
  12. When you say 3/4 inch burner is that the nozzle diameter? Sorry for the dumb question.
  13. It’s 296,7 In³ What size of burner would you recommend? They have sizes in smal, medium and large but I have no idea what that relates to. the forge inner size is 296,7 In³ Alright, do you know any other brands that would be better? Since I’m a complete beginner I feel that a lot of stuff about this craft and the information I find on this forum is above my head so a “turn-key” variant sounds appealing.
  14. They look promising, I’ve sent them an email. Thanks for the advice!
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