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  1. I am making tools etc out of an unknown carbon content steel. They are A 3/4” B 8” C 3’ grade 8 (I think) U Bolts used on fire truck suspension. They are painted and easily grind down to good usable steel. I have made several tools with this steel and quenched in Mineral Oil and Vegtable Oil. I’m confused has to why the Mineral Oil was useless while quenching and the Vegatable Oil seemed to harden the steel properly. Anybody have any clue to the difference in these two oils and the carbon content in these u-bolts? I have tried to research the carbon content online without any luck. Not really that important cause they are making good tools but it would be nice to know what I’m going working with. Thanks guys!
  2. I have an overwhelming supply of grade 8 bolts that are 1 1/2 in dia. 9 inches long. Research has shown these are “medium-carbon alloy” but I can’t find a true steel grade rating. Anyone have an idea? good for forging? Quenching?
  3. I did some research on read on Wikipedia that bentonite is mixed with sand to withstand tempatures reaching the molten metal stage of heating. So is sand needed in a kitty litter jar mixture as well? Haven't researched all the ingredients of kitty litter as of yet.
  4. This is my first burner so I really just wanted to make sure it works and is able to be tuned. Wanted to make sure it was completed or at least operational before I put the wool/fumed silica in the forge body so I'm able to cure it.
  5. this is the burner with a longer pipe and bell reducer. Seems like the pressure maxed out on me again. It works but not much of a jet stream coming from it. I will try a different size mig tip to see if it boosts the performance.
  6. Hey Bud. You ever find yourself out towards Thalequah I highly suggest you reach out Ray Kirk. Great guy and always willing to help, especially kids. He's a family friend
  7. Yeah I will probably go back to a t-burner but I like to see things through and understand how things work. I've tried several different burners already. not a headache... yet anyway. I'm in no rush Oh mixing tube? Then yeah I'm short cause the entire tube is 6" haha.
  8. pretty sure they call for a 9" pipe not a 6" pipe like I have on there right now. But Without a good flare I'm kind of at the mercy of what I've got at the moment. Holes are measured out 2" from the end of the pipe and 2 3/4" and drill them out alternating pattern around the pipe. The video didn't give a good explaination for the street elbow. However I did read a post YOU replied to Frosty about a Mathewson burner and you had stated how you didn't understand the need for the elbow (which I agreed with) so I by passed it for now until I get another reason for it. I haven't found a good source to get in contact with either of these gentlemen. I though I saw Dave on this forum but couldn't find him in the members list. Mat work right now but will fire it up when I get home and post another pic.
  9. I saw a video on the you tube by Dave Hammer and he demonstrated how to build one of Steve Genshiemer's burners. Looked simple enough and I had the parts for it... kind of. The design calls for a street elbow which I don't have avalible (of course I can pick one up) so I went straight into the burner with the mig tip and have it set with a couple of bolts to hold it in place Which these are temporary too. Like I said before I don't have a flare yet which is a big part of the tuning process with this type of burner but I was just happy I got a steady flame and wanted to share. I do think this burner tube is to short with how hot it is going to get. Hopefully these pictures work better than the video attempt. Oh and it's light out in these pictures so it is a little hard to see the flame. Let me know what you guys think.
  10. So I think I'm enjoying myself more than I thought I would. I have played around with several designs for burner and I have found the larger mig tip I was a 1" pipe using was producing to much forced gas. I used a 3/4" tube and made air holes for it. Seems to be working well I just need to get a longer pipe and a flare which I think I'm going to have to order online cause I have no way of finding one or making one myself that is properly sized. This is a 0.30 tip in the video. Pipe is only 6" long right now. Open to suggestions if you guys would be so kind. IMG_7021.MOV
  11. So is this tank cashed since the valve isn't working and allowing any flow do to the restriction? I've opened this thing painfully slow on both the tank and the high pressure regulator with no better results. Kiddos in bed so no going out to get a new one tonight anyway.
  12. Did that. Opened it up without anything on it outside and same lite hiss so the blockage must be in the tank.
  13. This was messed up before his stellar advice. I listened to him but I did not follow it.
  14. My buddy told me to try and flip the tank upside down and the back again, said the valve might be stuck, but yeah this was a swap on a swap on a... I'm probably screwed on this one.
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