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  1. John McPherson, yes the picture is off a metal suppliers website. I showed the gentalman some samples of what I have made and much prefers the hand made to the commercial bar. He said it has more "feeling" and he only saw pictures. Thanks for the input.
  2. Jbradsaw, I like the idea of wood scales and had already mentioned it to the gentleman I'm makeing it for and liked it as well but decided against it. NelsonR, I'm still pretty new to the forging thing, and I haven't tried forge welding yet let alot pattern welding, but as I continue down the path I will get there. I think a Damascus smoker set would look amazing though. I will keep playing around with the set up I have and post pictures when i get it all finished.
  3. So I modified a hammer and made a Hardy tool to give a back like texture like the posts above and it worked great for a "tree bark" look but I want a more wood grain look. More long consistent lines rather than the almost random short line. Any ideas for getting a more consistent wood grain pattern. I'm trying to include a picture but I'm not sure if it will show, but something more like the this.
  4. Thank you for the info! That sounds much better than my original plan. It also seems pretty obvious and one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.
  5. Hello all, I've been creeping the fourm for about a year and I have no found anything about trying to get a wood grain look in metal. I have a customer who want a smoker set, meat hook ash scoop and fire poker and he wants the handles to have a wood grain look, kinda like petrified wood. The set will be made of 5\8 round mild steel. I have some thoughts as to how to make it with a few different sized chisels, and have even thought about flattening the section and peining in the grain and then wrapping the flattened section to create a cylinder but I was wondering if anyone else has done this before.
  6. I started reading this thread to learn about riddon burners and left with the knowledge of how to apologise to my wife for all the time I'm going to spend using it
  7. Where did you buy one of Alec's hammers from? I can't find them anywhere right now.
  8. I know we love pics but do you mean the rules as what's allowed? Did I break a rule somewhere? Just made these today playing around again. Its amazing how much you learn from failur, the bottle opener actually worked this time lol! Tomorrow I have a game plan on working on some basics and not really trying to "make" anything.
  9. Cool, so it's ribbon. I'll try it again soon and use some of what was mentioned by you and the others above and post the outcome good or bad. Thanks for the input.
  10. Thank you all for such fast replies, I had no idea this site was this active! I have looked into all three. I plan on attending pioneer farms classes when time and money permits, and I don't really have the time for Austin community college, I'm already is school for electrical and that takes up 2 nights a week and a whole weekend every month on top of all the overtime I already work. If I ever get serious and want to turn this into more than a hobby then I will look more into it. As far as balconies goes I will be going to the next meeting if I'm not working and I might join if it seems worth it. But like I said this is just a hobby so I cant justify spending too much time or money on this endeavor just yet.
  11. Terminology is key, what I meant was wave but but with the peaks closed together so.ething more like this, excuse the poor drawing I'm on break at work.
  12. Hey there, I'm brand new to blacksmithing but gosh darn is it fun! I live in New Braunfels Texas and Smith just for fun when I'm not working overtime. In real life I'm and electician with local 520 for any brothers out there. I have 2 young kids and a great wife that somehow understands that at the end of a long day of running pipe at work I love to come home and hammer hot metal. I've been lurking in this site for a couple of months, learning and buy tools and building the things I need to get started. I do not have a shop, I have a tool bag with a few basic tools, a stand, a homemade mailbox forge and cheap anvil. I didn't want to sink 100s into something I might not like but I will upgrade in a few years if I keep at it. Right now I store everything inside because of the neighborhood I live in and when I have time set up in my driveway and try to stay out of the wind and the sun. It's working out well so far and my neighbors haven't cursed me yet. I would really like to find someone in my area to shoot the stuff, share a 6 pack and help out. Newbie or veteran doesn't matter, I will also help out around the forge and anvil, swing a hammer and maybe trade some electrical work for tips or tools. I know balconies forge is I my area but don't really want to pay money just yet to enter a group and the next meet is months away, but if I continue with this I most definitely will join. Anyways thats a little about me, I'm going to try to stay active on this site and learn as much as I can.
  13. So this is my first post on the site and this is the first thing I have made. I was shooting for a bottle opener but was really just messing around. I started with ⅜ threaded rod I got from work and was mainly focused on just trying to keep everything as square as possibl. I would like some input on how to my my loops more round. I got the bend to come out round when I first put them in and then when I tried to fine tune them I ended up squashing them together and then ran out of daylight to keep trying. Any input would be helpful and I'm happy to give any additional information if needed. Also I'm not sure where to post this but if there are any Smith's in the new braunfels Texas area who need some help I would love to come help out and pick up a tip or two.
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