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  1. Hey folks it has been a while since I posted. Here is a other hard use field knife. 5160 nessmuk, in my rough around the edges style.
  2. After watching Spartacus again, OMFG EPIC! I threw some steel in the forge and hammered out a L6 steel , leather handled knife. Perhaps a little like a Roman may have carried all those years ago. (excluding the very fine L6 steel, and the bowie shape) My will, my hands!
  3. Heya folks, it has been a long time since I posted anything. But, as in previous posts, here is another rough, working blade. Forged, 1/4" L6 steel, convex, razor sharp, ready to chop!
  4. Nothing special, but, as always very functional.
  5. Again, nothing pretty, but highly functional.
  6. Thanks for the info. I wanted to put a welt in the larger sheath, but my lack of patience took over. There is always next time.
  7. Some of the blades I recent made need some clothes. I am NOT a leather crafter, but these seem to work. Nothing pretty, but as I like, very functional!
  8. Sitting at home looking at some recent blades. I decided that perhaps I did not like the "Bolo" or "Golok" shaped blade, so naturally it had to become a Bowie. Then I made it a little brother. Nothing fancy, but very functional.
  9. "A dagger at night is worth a thousand swords at dawn"
  10. A little, convex, razor sharp skinner. Nothing pretty, but I like it that way!
  11. Both blades are 5160 steel, normalized, then hardened and tempered to approx. 58 RC. They are simple blades made to chop. The Golok ( or bolo) shaped blade is a beast far beyond kindling and chops as good as any small axe. (although fatigue occurs quicker, for obvious reasons). Maple handles, with some gunstock stain. Pins are just simple round stock.
  12. Nothing fancy, just born to chop!
  13. Heya folks, it's been years since I posted anything. I believe my last post was of the Rustic Chopper, http://www.iforgeiron.com/topic/6888-rustic-chopper-new-blacksmith/ I forge some years ago. Here is something new that I wanted to share. I named it the Zombie Cleaver. we do not allow multiple accounts, please contact Glenn Conner to get this sorted out
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