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    making jewelry and knives mostly. but interested in a wide variety of things

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  1. you have to highly polish the blade . then i would send it out for hot blueing
  2. first knife is .250, 01 tool steel. armor black cerakote, black g10 textured scales with orange g10 liners, the second was my first attempt at a tanto it is also .250 , 01 armor black cerakote. the 3rd knife was just something i was playing with .250, 01 steel stone wash finish. i sandwiched orange g10 between black g10 it looked pretty cool.4th the deer knives are 1095 stone wash i double pinned it for better strength.5th is just a simple hunting knife for my friend .250, 01 od green micarta scales. 6th was a 18th birthday present for a kid thats his first knife. i grew up with his mom and have known her since i was 5 , im 43 now lol. its 3/16 01 stonewash black and blue g10
  3. clear cerakote is very tough
  4. oh sure there is . but i like it lol.
  5. i personally have not used any of them. but i do guns also. its pretty tough stuff. it will handle scuffs but it will wear away if its continuous wearing every day
  6. very interesting concept.lots of things you can do with that.
  7. cerakote, and the other 2 are ferric chloride
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