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  1. Resurrection of ancient thread! Threadromancy! Does anyone have more/updated info on these anvils?
  2. Has anyone used with of these, Unicast 70 or Plicast Hymor 3000kk, as a castable refractorycement when building a propane forge? Assuming over high heat ceramic blanket in a typical freon tank body.
  3. On a group in Facebook I am reading instructions on applying colloidal silica, which seems contrary to what I understood. Here is a quick copy of the instructions I'm curious about: "When I say layers I'm talking about 1" layer of ceramic wool. Instal first layer of blanket spray with water till moist the spray heavy with rigidizer. Till I could see green faintly on the underside of the wool after lifting up a corner. You want both layers soaked threw." I thought the idea was to use as little as possible, to prevent degradation of the insulating ability of the wool? Does the colloidal silica spray once cured no longer reduce the effectiveness of the wool? -because I thought once the wool was made wet, it was wrecked. Thoughts? (Edit- I see when searching in the forum Jasent from here is the same fellow I quoted on fb. If you see this here and there Jasen, thanks for answering twice! Cheers)
  4. Someone on a Facebook group is trying to identify this anvil. All we know is what the pics show. Weighs about 100lbs. Thank you, Chris
  5. I get asked that a lot lol. I don't personally find they trip me up at all. Lots of people seem to figure it would though
  6. My 2 anvils. One is a 90lbs block of 4140 2nd is a Trenton - 80lbs 1914
  7. There is a "U" stamped next to the underside of the pritchel hole and a "C" next to the underside of the Hardy. Are those the initials of people who put those parts of the Anvil together?
  8. Looks like a "T" to me but not crossed evenly. Then 80 A122672 It still weighs 80lbs.
  9. Found an old post that says i can just letcit dry overnight. And going to mix half of the bag and just see how much it covers treating it like a top coat of paint.
  10. Just to follow up. I finally made my forge and have used it a couple of times this past week. Thank you for all your help here guys!
  11. Does anyone have instructions on application and curing process for plistex over my kast o lite? I have a pint (1.5lbs) of it and would like to know how much I should mix/use to coat the forge interior. I also need to know how to fire it without killing it. Thanks in advance.
  12. Rigidizer- is it an absolute must if I'm casting a half inch of kast o lite over the ceramic blanket, then costing plistex on that? doesn't the kast o lite keep the wool in place ?
  13. Thank you wayne. I'll be emailing you soon to order some insawool soon. I spent quite some time last night breaking myself of the feeling that I should continue with the toolbox. it's hard to stop once I get set in plan but I kept coming back to what frosty mentioned above about not getting caught in a corner. Now I need to start planning how I want to tackle the openings of this new shell.
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