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How much penetration of colloidal silica?


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On a group in Facebook I am reading instructions on applying colloidal silica, which seems contrary to what I understood. Here is a quick copy of the instructions I'm curious about:

"When I say layers I'm talking about 1" layer of ceramic wool.   Instal first layer of blanket spray with water till moist the spray heavy with rigidizer. Till I could see green faintly on the underside of the wool after lifting up a corner. You want both layers soaked threw."

I thought the idea was to use as little as possible, to prevent degradation of the insulating ability of the wool? Does the colloidal silica spray once cured no longer reduce the effectiveness of the wool? -because I thought once the wool was made wet, it was wrecked.


(Edit- I see when searching in the forum Jasent from here is the same fellow I quoted on fb. If you see this here and there Jasen, thanks for answering twice! Cheers) 

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On 11/18/2017 at 12:34 AM, Spronez said:

Thanks for the quick responses.

If you want a "turn key" type solution you might want to check with http://www.waynecoeartistblacksmith.com/  and http://www.waynecoeartistblacksmith.com/uploads/Build_a_Gas_Forge.pdf.

Send Mr. Coe a message (WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith) and he can offer you options to make a forge that will work and be safe to use.

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