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  1. You can get this guy in Plainview TX for about $200. They can be found at the McDonald Trading Post www.mcdonaldtradingpost.com.
  2. Will Do. I should have a chance this week. :D
  3. I can't be sure if my hunk of still works better then the Chinese anvil I passed up but I can say it has worked great for me so far for less then a quarter of the cost. The bottom line is that I have saved some money on a hobby I am just getting into. If Smiting is something I decide to delve deeper into I will probably take a another look at that Chinese anvil.
  4. No it is not mounted on the wood yet just sitting there. I will be moving soon so I want to be able to pick it up. When I get to where I am going I will make a Proper stand for it. And I am still working on the hardy tool thing, another thing to put on the to do list for after the move.
  5. Well I went back to that shop in Plainview TX to take a second look at those Chinese cast steel anvils I had found last month and I ended up walking out with a 134lb 7" round by 12" tall steel post instead. It only cost me $45 and I figure it is probably better quality steel then the $200 Chinese anvil. I bent a 1.5" round piece steel bar to use as a horn and mounted it in a second stump.
  6. No, it was more a of a traditional single horn. I found it at the McDonald trading post But they don't have it listed on their web page.
  7. No it was brand new. They even had three of them.
  8. It was marked steel and it did't sound anything like cast iron ASO sitting next to it when I tapped them with a hammer.
  9. I was at a surplus store down in Plainview TX today and a I found a 110lb Chinese made Steel anvil for $200. I did tap on it lightly with a ball-peen hammer and it had a good ring and seamed to have decent rebound. Would this be a good buy or should I save for something better? Currently I ham using an old 150lb tractor wheel weight as an anvil and it seams to be working okay, but it does leave some pitting on my projects.
  10. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get coal in the North Texas Panhandle? I am good with even buying online. I just want to know what the best source for me is going to be.
  11. Hello I am yet another newbie. Have done a couple of projects so far, nothing to brag about. Now I figure it is time to start reaching out to the pros.
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