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    Wood working and a little bit of metalwork. I've been called a jack of all trade master of none. I don't know if that's an insult or compliment. Today you need to know little bit many things to be useful.

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  1. Its a beautiful knife and nicely made. Are you worried about the thin piece of wood coming past the finger guard. Looks like a bump would chip it off.
  2. I was able to pick out the letters you mentioned. Me as a jokster 100 years ago. "I'll stamp random letters on this vise, they'll be so confused. HAHA"
  3. I'm kinda confused. I am having a hard time picturing the kaowool and refractory placement. I made a little picture to show how I think you said it was set up. Is this how your forge is set up and is this the proper way? I guess I'm more of a visual person so please allow me this clarification. Adam
  4. I'd like to see some photos of the burners you built, just for my mental database.
  5. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to surface the top of the anvil to make it a smoother. I have an old one that's beat up. Would doing that detract from the value or usability. All the pits and dents affect the steel being hammered. Just curious what you think.
  6. I wish i remember the episode number on forged in fire, but it was 2 episodes ago. There was a lady smith making a knife, but she kicked out in the second round. It was a dagger competition, and she covered her handle with leather. Ok, I don't know what she was doing for the 2 hours they let her attach the handle, but her dagger performed much better than the other guy. They said her tip was cracked. I couldn't see a crack in it. The guy they let pass dagger was so dull it wouldn't cut a burlap sack. In fact in the final competition his kukri knife was not very sharp either. The guy from angry giant forge won. He was a big guy that just did his thing. I liked that. So what do you guys think? Adam
  7. I built my forge stand out of wood. Before everyone goes nuts, I bolted a steel plate to the top of that. The plate is held away by nuts that hold the plate of the surface of the wood. I've had it burning red hot and the wood isn't even warm.
  8. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    I thought about that, you'd think it would be easy to get a T that has various dimensions. My hardware cares alot of items but not that piece. This is a brick building with nothing close to burn if it does catch fire somehow. It's not where I live at all. I am very cautious, but I appreciate the heads up. There is nothing in the building but old mill parts and the insurances won't cover it because it has a wood burner in it. I have tried the forge a few times and its tricky yo light. It wants to burn in the T. If I get the bottom burning and turn the valve off then on, it lights fine. Is that something in my set up or is it the way these burners work. The fitting assembly is supported, maybe you can't see it in the photo but there is no weight on the nozzle that goes into the T-burner. It might be that the i took the photo before attaching the support. Jcornell, I sprayed the inside of the forge with fumed silica and heated the thing. Should it look different after doing that? I haven't noticed a difference. I have to get some more kawool and cover the inside of the door. Its getting hot and needs to be insulated. I truly appreciate all the time and advice you guys have given me. I wish I could do something in return. I posted a note for old bandsaw blades from our resaws. I think they would make decent damask type blade. If anyone wants them, just let me know and I will cut them to the length you want and mail them off to you. Adam
  9. Take the photo outside on a bright overcast day. That will give you an excellent photo. Or, send the sword to me and I'll photograph it in my studio and send it back. I promise to send it back HEHE. It's an amazing piece of art by the way. Adam
  10. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    Hey this one is right side up. I used the tip this way so it would fit my old fittings (save money) Do you think the bushing will disrupt air flow? I haven't tried it yet, my propane take is empty at the moment. The tip of the mig is about half way across the whole. This is what your images look like. Adam
  11. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    You plans are all around the net. Variations, people will say this is a frosty T, but then its a little different. Either way, last night I took some time to fashion up a new tip. I have some pics attached. The dang pics are upside down. I put the mig tip in my drill press and shortened and tampered the tip. The tip is just about halfway through 1" hole of the T. I got a 1/8 inch compression/pipe thread fitting and tapped out the one side at 1/4 - 28 UNC. The hole in the T was tapped out to 7/16 - 28 UNC. I'll have to get a nut for the tip, so it doesn't travel. You guys think this is a good start?
  12. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    I am making a T-Burner. I was looking at your plans for the T burner. It seems if i use the adapters i have it will stick too far into the T. I didn't see these plans until just now. I was looking various places for them and they all seem slightly different. I'll head back to the hardware to see if they have i need. Thank Adam
  13. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    The tip in the left uses a compression fitting, But it will be longer. The tip on the right will needed to be braised, but it will be shorter. Any preferences? Adam
  14. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    is this fumed silica that same as cabosil or colloidial silica? If so, I have a large quantity already. We were into making hovercrafts and used it to mix with the epoxy to give a body filler effect. I have some parts for the T-burner and I'll take some pics to see which setup looks best. Adam
  15. orange

    20 lb LP Forge

    Thanks for the advice,Mikey. I am already call the hardware store to make sure they have the stuff for the burner design you suggested.