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  1. Ok cool. I don't plan on selling buy I was just curious. Thank you
  2. It does not. At least not that I can make out. The "Peter Wright" stamp is hard to make out so there's possibility it used to be on there but not now. Just out of curiosity what is it worth? In your opinion
  3. I was on this forum a while back when I first got my Anvil looking for basic information about it. I bought it from a guy who found it in a old barn formerly owned by a oilfield business owner from the mid 90s. Anyway I paid 150 for it not knowing anything about it, but obviously now I know it was well worth it. I know it's a 321 pound Peter Wright Anvil and I'm guessing it's from the early 1900s but that is what I'm wondering about. I will never get rid of this thing as I've fallen in love with it lol but I would really like to know more about this individual model anvil and more about Peter
  4. I've got a couple of RR anvils also, I honestly just got lucky when I found this one. But yeah I got it set up as is and have no plans on messing with it other then forging and working on it. I do appreciate the help and opinions. I plan on doing a little work later today
  5. Lol yeahh I agree. Looks way too new! I'm sure it'll have all of that here pretty soon
  6. I'm definitely gonna put her to use lol I used it some over the weekend while making a knife and what not. I finally got everything done on the stand it's on and everything. I'm very happy with it
  7. With all that being said, I definitely don't wanna grind on it or anything anymore lol
  8. Appreciate all the advice and opinions. I really don't care much about the value so much because I have no plans of ever getting rid of it. I guess what I meant is would it be better to have cleaner edges. I am new to blacksmithing so obviously I don't know near as much as you guys hence the reason I'm asking. I found the anvil for a steal. Gave 160 for it. A guy apparently found it in his grandpa's old barn after he passed. It's something I eventually would like to pass down to my kids one day when I actually have kids so I just wanna get it in the best shape I can. I plan on using it alot wh
  9. Ok so I've got a old 321 pound Peter Wright Anvil. I was wondering if it will effect the value or worth of the anvil if I were to do some fringing on the top face. Mainly along the edges because there is some dings and chips along the sides. I'd like to grind a little to reshape at least one edge but if it's gonna mess with the value or anything like that then I'll just continue using a large separate piece of steel for the sharp edges. Any suggestions and or tips would be greatly appreciated Thanks.
  10. Thanks everyone for the advice hopefully I can learn a thing or two after a while
  11. I'm 22 and I really don't have much experience in blacksmithing. I admire the work and craftsmanship that goes into forging a piece of metal into something completely different oppose to welding things together. I don't have anything to really learn from other then just going outside and doing it myself. That's why I have so many questions and what not. There's something about metal work that just makes me want to know/learn everything I can. I've made my own coal forge and stuff but I was also wondering if there's a specific brand or shape of hammers that works better then others. Wanting to
  12. Thanks for the advice. I have another question i forgot to ask earlier. On the back of my anvil it has the number "299" and I'm not sure what that means. Hoping one of yall might could help
  13. Thanks Stan. I had it taller but It wasn't at a comfortable hieght for me so i cut a few inches off. I'm 5'10" so I made it a little above waist height which for me, made a big difference I think. I'd rather swing low then try and swing higher
  14. I'm thinking the guy just didn't know what he had idk. He said he looked online about what makes a good anvil but I guess he skipped the pricing part. Which is fine by me. I'm kinda new to the forging and blacksmithing scene. I'm a welder by trade so if you had to guess based on the photos what might the value be? Not that I want to sell but I'm curious Not sure why it came out sideways. It's got some dings and a few small chips on one edge of the flat surface on top. There's a slight dip on the top surface from I'm guessing years of use. No cracks or anything of that nature. It's got a rea
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