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  1. Finally got around to making a stand for my swage block.
  2. Mounted it to an old lathe shaft & face plate, then added a 1"x 25" round plate.
  3. Yeah I like that idea. I could still cut vents in the top if it were to get too hot... I like the forged rose idea, that'd be a real nice touch. What goes in the space surrounding the rose?
  4. There's some air space behind it. I haven't thought much about the sock/ mitten drying abilities. Now I'm even more excited to install the stove!
  5. Thanks! I like your name for it better, "heat shield" makes more sense. Just 1.5" X .125 angle & 1" X .125 flat bar. And the sheets are 12 gauge I believe. I also welded in some angle under the hearth to support the weight of the stove.
  6. It loosened right up, still had a little grease inside. Thanks for the info!
  7. Thank you so much! Learn something new every day. It appears to be made by ASHCROFT MFG CO. Bridgeport, CT & New York
  8. I picked up this tool, along with some pipe threading tools, not sure what it is...
  9. Around here (California) Post Vises are no less than $100, and I've seen people trying to sell them for $300. I have two myself, and paid $75 for a light duty one, and $100 for a heavier one. I need to go on a road trip soon...
  10. I've got several of these, now I know what they are meant for. Thanks!
  11. I just mounted this to an old lathe shaft & headstock, I hope it's stable enough, if not I may add some more weight at the base. (Not sure how to rotate this photo)
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