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  1. Hello fellow Blacksmiths, I was curious if any of you guys would know if there was a place to finance Anvils? I have a small 55lb anvil, it works fine, but now that I am expanding, to different projects, I am finding that it is not enough. Though with 6 kids, and holidays coming up, buying one outright, is not an option. I am a disabled veteran of Iraqi Freedom, and Enduring Freedom, and money is tight. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
  2. More pics, like to know what i have here. Any help on maker, value, etc
  3. I will take more pics when I get home from work, but I saw no markings. I will take pic from more angles.
  4. I bought this anvil, and would like to know the maker and other info, value, etc, I bought this in Missouri, U.S. no visible markings, weighs about 100lbs...thank you
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