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  1. Thanks Njanvilman and Frozenforge I just went out to the shop and checked it looks like a zero. Thanks for all the help. I'll stop bothering you now. Now I just have get out and use it. I took it off the stump and mounted it on my anvil stand. I hope to get up to the museum this summer. Or I might see you at the abana conference this summer. Thanks again Chris
  2. Hi Frosty,VaughnT and Njanvilman Thank you for the advice it will be followed. I couldn't believe it when I saw it. We started discussing it and I'm telling him how much it's worth and how the anvil market has gone crazy. Then he says I don't want that much for it and sold it to me for a great price. Their are nice people in the world. It was his wife's fathers anvil and she remembered playing around it when she was a child. They where probably in there 80's. I told them I would try find the date of when it was manufactured. Njanvilman that would be great if you could find the date it was manufactured. I flipped it over today but I couldn't find any numbers. Are they super small? I hand wire brushed it. I have talked to you before about coming to your museum but just haven't made it. I met you down in Maryland at Bill Kichners (sp) hammer in. Thanks for everything Chris
  3. Hi I was buying a metal band saw and they had this nice fisher anvil there. I ended up buying both. The wife is being very understanding . I'm guessing it's built after 1896 from what I've read. Do you think I should dress the edges more I think I should. It would hopefully take out some of the chips and stop future ones hopefully. Any thoughts. I live in Maryland. Thanks Chris
  4. Hi Glenn and 781 thanks for the response. I'm trying to do it cold. I will try the bending jig in the vice and keep it flat. I didn't keep the tubing flat the first time I tried to bend green house arches. I have quite a few of these to build. Thanks again Chris
  5. Hi I'm trying to bend round rings out of 5/16 inch round stock. I'm making trellises for a garden. The sizes would be from 8 inch to 30 inch. I tried my roller for flat stock. The kind that has 3 rolls and groves in the ends of the rolls. It made the rings but is destroying my roller. A friend has a wagon wheel roller but I haven't gone to get it yet. Does anyone have any suggestions. All the rollers I see only do up to 1/4 inch. I would like to make more then a few these. Thanks Chris
  6. Thanks Arkie for the reply. Will give it a go and see what happens. Sorry all about messing up the title
  7. Hi all I have got some chunks of iron and would like some help identifying them. They came from northwest Connecticut. My friend was digging with an excavator and found them. I know a furnace was on the property from a long time ago and a blacksmith shop.They where going to get scrapped so I brought them home. Just wondering how they where used and what type of steel came out of them. I am not going to try to melt them down I don't have the experience or knowledge or time right now. One is about three feet long the other two feet long maybe three inches wide. thanks Chris
  8. Thanks all for the responses. I will see what I can find. Thanks again chris
  9. Hi Matto thanks for the response. What search on Craig's list did you use to find them? Yes I have to get it cleaned up and start using it. I never had heard of a Jacobs Chuck will have to research that where do you find them. I have not looked yet so probably should will do that tonight. Thanks again Chris
  10. Hi my Dad had this in the back of his shop he died and I was cleaning it out. Brought it home to my shop. I couldn't find anything about it on the Internet. It sure is built. Thanks Chris
  11. Hi I am trying to rebuild a 243 or 43 buffalo coal forge. I think that's the model. The fire pot doesn't seem to fit and someone cut the sides. Basically it looks like I need a new one. Can I build one? Could it just be steal?There is a gap around all the way around. Hope the picture helps thanks Chris Could someone tell me why all my pictures are up side down they aren't that way when I download them thanks
  12. Thanks Stan how's life in Australia looks like the economy is slowing haven't been down there in four years. I lived in Victoria for a year in the early 90s had a great time.
  13. Thank you for replying. I couldn't find anything on it. It is probably the best of the lot. All the others look like they need some help. Someone more skilled then me to weld on them. Thanks again chris
  14. Hi I have a few anvils just getting started. What do you think this one is it says England 45 kgs on the other side 100lbs nothing else. It seems to be cast and brand new. The other is a mouse hole 1 / 1 /14 pretty beat up I use to use it on the farm to straighten things. The other is a peter wright can't find any markings for the weight probably 180 lbs. The edges are a little beat up top swayback. They all should be good enough for who they are for. I just about have my shop done just finished putting metal on the walls its small but a start. Thanks chris sorry about being upside down pictures. iPads must not be for left handed people. They are not upside down when I look at them
  15. Hi Thomas I ment rail good catch. I have plenty of ties
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