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  1. So you can for certain run a multi phase motor on regular house electricity. I run a 3 phase 1.5 hp dayton motor on a kbac 27 VFD. It just plugs into a regular outlet.
  2. So, I'm pretty new to the craft (less than 6 months serious work) and I really wanted a hot cut hardy tool. I do some steel shopping at my local scrap yard and I was lucky enough to come across some 4140 elevator pins. 1-1/4" diameter. I had a a few extra hours on Friday sooo... I got to bangin... I used an angle grinder to make a square nub on the end so I could grab it with my tongs. I made this with a 3lb cross peen and a file for final profile on the cutting head. I never thought that moving that much steel by hand would be possible. My shoulder still hurts and I broke my hammer but I did it. Hahaha. I heat treated the blade portion but didnt bother tempering as I felt the heat from hot materials would ruin any tempering I do. I would love some feedback. Please and thank you.
  3. The post vise is simply held in place by the square nail in the picture. I can just tap it with my hammer and the entire vise comes off in about 30 seconds. Same in reverse. The post that it mounts to will still be in the way a little bit but the top of the post is about 3 inches lower than the top of the anvil.
  4. So, I recently acquired my first anvil and post vise from the same antique store. I needed a way to mount my "new to me" tools and after a few days of deliberation, this is what I came up with... The base is made from 4"×6" treated posts that I sandwiched together with stainless steel all thread nuts and washers. I planed the top level and sanded it all smooth. I also recessed all the bolt holes with a large paddle bit so I didn't get anything snagged or cut on the ends. I'm still not sure how I'm gonna mount the anvil to it. I'm being weird about it / very particular. I think I might just forge my own brackets. Any suggestions and or constructive criticism would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. I live in La Plata, MD. about an hour south of DC. I got the anvil however in small town in central VA. I drove 3 hours to get it. Gordonsville, VA to be exact.
  6. My "new to me" anvil Hay Budden 1913 I'm pretty sure I paid too much for it, but I just fell in love. I've been looking for an anvil for a couple years now. (seriously about 3 months) I just got sick of using an old rail road splice plate. I paid 775 for the anvil. And I got a post vice that is in great condition for 75. Image link removed due to language. The original image size for EACH photo was 3.5 x 6 FEET (1 meter x 2 meters) and 45 megs. Images were reduced in size and inserted into directly into the post.
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