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  1. Its not getting called out that bugged me...its the asinine way that it was carried out. Funny part is...had no issues until i wore a pair of boots...couldnt get those things off fast enough when a piece of hot metal landed between the tongue and my sock...yeah ill forge barefoot from now you said barefoot that metal would of bounced and id barely felt it...since I was wearing boots it got stuck... as far as stock thickness i used what I had. Ideally id have the $10 and go buy a piece the right thickness...then ive got some coil springs but tongs shouldnt be tool steel from my understanding
  2. Yay...i managed to aquire a better stump...its not quite as tall as id like...itll be a tad low but its actually flat and solid...
  3. Interesting doing the bits first as i initially thought (and attempted before watching videos) whereas the couple i watched did reins first....oh no dont mention that W**d word...youll have me calling in sick and buying mule team 20 to try it....might just try anyway for giggles .
  4. Maybe? Im at work so didnt rewatch it...yeah the mystery metal that im using was free...and the fuel to thin it is free so i used what I excuses approach...then again im not exactly watching videos during forging so i may have just messed up...either could be plausible....finally getting my hammer control somewhat under control...even if the tongs dont work... Okay gotta thin the reins ALOT more...and I already cut the halves...clear distinction between rein boss and jaws...1) still gotta do the twist ooo the blacksmith twist 2)gotta thin the riens probably half what they are and 2nd part he rounded the boss...once i finish those 2 parts its gonna be pretty close to what he had in the video though
  5. As far as the stock...the part that grips the metal...the opposite end of reins thats the original size of the yeah definately WAY thicker than what I would have liked...but it was free metal...the fuel is free(gotta go cut those 9 acres down lol). Definately getting LOTS of drawing out experience safer than trying to cut it out with an angle lots of work..ill look into building a power hammer one day but lots of projects before clear the jungle from the a chimney for the shed and getting my forge built indoors lol. The video ive been using And ive got a random piece of plate that is too small to be of use...i plan on turning it into swiss cheese before punching the tongs...gotta stop raining so I can finish the punch...
  6. Neat idea about the shadow box...whats not in the picture is the house about 10 ft away..plenty of shade from the house and the oak tree. That and it wont stop raining here in Ga so its been overcast everyday i get to forge and most of my forging is after dark...but definitely will remember that as a use for my charcoal retort (burning plain wood suits me better dont see the point in charcoal...)
  7. I only posted those potential safety hazards to make a point. Flip flops only affect me. Some of the others can affect others. And anyone that judges my shoe choice needs to go check their fire extinguishers before checking mine.
  8. Now Im suddenly remembering why I dont go to forums...not 1 thing said about the actual post...xxxx if we are going to criticize EVERYTHING lets criticize the 9 acres of tree line less than 25ft from a 3000 degree forge...lets criticize a live electrical cord so close to white hot metal being hot cut...lets criticize the lack of a chimney on the forge...lets criticize there being a forge 10ft from a 30 year old trailer...lets criticize a live electrical cord outside in the rain without a gcfi or gfci (whatever it is) breaker..lets criticize the anvil not being properly attached to a secure mount...lets criticize that galvanized being anywhere near a forge...seriously the only thing positive in this whole xxxx post was what i originally posted about ACCOMPLISHING something.
  9. If only i could get time for my deer stand...Ive got to many irons in the fire...oh lord already picking up lingo...
  10. Phillip simmons $15 a year. Next event december 1st Lexington, sc..had a family member already tell me what my xmas present was...
  11. See thats alot more constructive...a quick google search explained what a spat was...guess a wood working project in the near future...thinking along the lines of the wooden cogs they used to wear in holland minus the bottom part... Actually have a 100% cotton shirt that was going to be cut up for char cloth...cut in half and each half folded in half might just work...
  12. Hmm common sense then...bare skin gets burned...sneakers gets skin melted ultimately burning the skin worse...those are my 2 options at the moment...when your wife is incapable of working do to health issues and your working 60 hour+ weeks for a pitence of a salary (under $20k/year) and saddled with over 30k doctor fees then come talk to me about proper shoes. Im pretty sure me not wearing proper shoes hurts noone except myself. But xxxx someone try to do something for their self.
  13. Yeah really only have 3 options...synthetic material sneakers, barefoot, or flip flops. When your wife doesnt work and has chronic medical issues and you work like a dog for peanuts proper tools sometimes might as well as cost as much as a new truck...
  14. Your right ill go barefoot like i normally do. If i wanted to be safe i would stay inside and play video games or look up retarded memes like posted. But no everything about blacksmithing is inherently dangerous. Hmmm maybe ya aught to wear respirators to keep the carbon monoxide from causing cancer or wear plated gloves so you can never smack fingers or forget it will always have SOMEONE naysaying something...
  15. Yeah learned about hot scale on toes isnt is isnt necessairly cold...aww the beginner lessons...