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  1. I probably am confusing them. I just started making knives a bit more seriously only a couple months ago, and I've learned quite a bit, but there is still SOOOO much that I still need to learn. What I did is I basically just got the plate red- cherry - hot, and I let it cool down normally. How would I "anneal" my plate of steel? Sorry! I'll put my location on.
  2. Well I live Indonesia. But I'm from America. We run a touring business here in Indonesia called Wild Sumatra Tours. The spring steel I am using is from a big truck. Here are some pics :
  3. P.S. : I forgot to add this but if you can normalize spring steel, but it has to be normalized differently from mild steel, how would you normalize it?
  4. So I've already made a post about using spring steel for a makeshift anvil and welding spring steel. I got a lot of support and help! But I was wondering about heat treating spring steel. So I've heard from a couple different knife makers that spring steel is a pretty good material to make knives out of, but spring steel is already hardened (at least the spring steel I have). So I have a couple of questions: - If your making a knife out of spring steel that is hard enough to dull a drill bit but soft enough to have a file just barely dig into it, does it need to be hardened further? - If it does need to be hardened further, you would need to normalize it first right? But can you normalize spring steel? - If you can normalize spring steel, will it eventually get down to the hardness of mild steel? Or will it always stay harder? - If you can normalize spring steel, does it always remain bendy? Or does it lose its bendiness? - Lastly, is my info correct? Is spring steel a good material to make knives out of? I hope I'm not annoying people about all these spring steel questions Sorry if I am! - Brewny
  5. Thanks for all the support! I will look into it!
  6. So basically, I am just beginning blacksmithing and I am making a makeshift anvil. I really don't have enough money to buy a real anvil but I'm trying to make one. I have a big truck spring steel leaf (I don't really know what a thing of spring steel is called. What I'm saying is I have a big thing of thick spring steel). I am going to use it to make the top of a striking anvil, but the steel is a bit small on the width. I want it to have more surface area so I can have a more enjoyable time forging. What I want to do is have a shop weld two plates for me (I don't have a welder) so I can use it. Before I just take it to them, I want to know if spring steel will actually weld to each other. Will the welds stay? I would also like to weld a mild steel elbow onto the steel so I can pin it to a log. Will the mild steel actually weld to it? Thanks! - Brewny BTW - The spring steel is SUPER hard. I tried one normalizing cycle on a plate of it and I still could barely make a dent with my HSS drill bits. Should I use carbide drill bits for spring steel? Also, am I in the right topic? I don't want to get in trouble for being in the wrong one.
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