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  1. For sale locally by me. Tried to google the name but nothing comes up. Trying to figure out what is missing. Looks light weight to have a fire in.
  2. Coming up on an auction soon. Trying to decide if I want to travel that far. Thanks, Jon
  3. Saw a picture on the net of a hammer made from a rear Differential from a car. Guy up the road had a junk one out of a 73 roadrunner and I figure why not start collecting parts. One on the net uses shock I am thinking coil-over shocks or maybe struts from a car (both can be bought used cheaply). Took 11" out of each side. T
  4. Finally got around to welding the base for the hammer.
  5. Little Giant 100 lb Power Hammer. S/N P522 The guy wants $6500 for it. Is that the going rate or way to high?
  6. buickmarti

    Who made it?

    For sale 1 hour away from me.
  7. Not sure if anything could ever be done with it again. Remove commercial link per TOS. Links to Craig's list are not allowed.
  8. https://archive.org/details/SearsRoebuckAndCoMachinery1911/mode/2up Page 23 Novelty Iron Works???
  9. Just a wet behind the ears amateur her but I really like the look of it. Might I suggest you hang a welding blanket or a sheet of drywall between your hammer and the burnables on the rack behind it.
  10. I work in a sheet metal fab shop - we wearout/break at least one bi-metal band saw blade a week. Anybody know what they are made of? Want to try and make some damascus blanks. Tried to google it but had no luck.
  11. Was going to build a electric/cam powered hammer but changed my mind. Building a copy of this machine. So far I have a 16lb. sledge hammer head and a homemade flywheel.
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