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  1. Hi there, where are you located? Looks like a good anvil, people here might know of a manufacturer. All I know is that google says GARANTIE means GUARANTEE in french, so possibly a french make of anvil? just a guess though. Very hard to make out the letters above that
  2. you should take some photos of what it looks like all set up
  3. Looks like a good space! will look even better full of tools
  4. Hi there, sounds like a nice new shop you will be using. I wont comment on the coal forge set up since I have never used one. I'm sure loads of people here will help you with that though! What type of roof is on the building? Think modifying the roof to suit should be easy enough?
  5. Finally got around to creating a dedicated forging area in the workshop. I still have afew things to sort out but getting there In the last photo is a heavy crane pin which I took home from a job at work, which is now cut in two and machined flat. I thought they might make good dies for a treadle hammer? If anyone has used pins similar to these as tools let me know how it worked out
  6. Can't go wrong with 100 bucks looks like it is in good condition
  7. I'm not a very experienced blacksmith at all, but I guess you would want a bigger anvil for certain jobs in the same way you would use a bigger hammer for certain jobs. Although saying that plenty of people seem to get by with rail road track anvils or large bits of steel I think it just depends on the kind of work you are planning to do Also where are you located Zack Ross?
  8. Ah, finally the truth comes out! I will phone the scrap yard at the start of the week and see how much they will pay for the LEMON of all anvils
  9. Hey why not have both? theres an idea I was thinking about getting another anvil at some point down the line, thought maybe it would be good to have a smaller one too
  10. I think a hoist would be a good investment. It would certainly make life easier!
  11. Thanks! yep, it isnt the easiest thing to move around the shop. I think I have found the perfect spot for it though, and will be putting it to more use
  12. ah, will do! and thanks guys for the help, I spent many hours browsing the web trying to figure that out myself
  13. good to know i feel i may have got myself a bargain then! im in the Shetland Islands Also yeah, no doubt that symbol is definitely the same. good stuff
  14. Thanks, didnt expect such a quick response! It may say 1922 now that you say that, il have a closer look at the anvil tomorrow. So the anvil is from sweden?
  15. Hi there people, great forum! I was wondering if anyone might be able to help me identify my anvil. I bought it afew years ago but have only gotten round to trying out blacksmithing recently, great fun It is 429 Lbs and seems to be in pretty good condition as far as I can see anyway. Here are some photos - There are numbers, a symbol and some letters stamped onto the side. I can make out the weight but cant see much of the writing, some of it is missing. The only letters I can make out are MORA which seem to be part of longer word. I drew a picture of the symbol and numbers/letters hope that helps Also there is my first pair of tongs room for improvement im sure