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  1. Client wanted something flashy, Doesn't really intend to use it but it fits his hand okay,... 1095 heat treated in parks 50.
  2. Recent Blade I made for a client. Probably one of the nicer blades I've ever made. Im proud of it, what do you guys think?
  3. i dont want to mimic him because i think its important to develop your personal style, but John Hounslow-Robinson is an inspiration for me to become a bladesmith.
  4. Yea, making a new handle aint hard... but you can always soak the handle eye in a oil that doesn't dry to keep it expanded, i do this to a lot of axes i own, and a few hammers. i will probably get ridiculed for this by the others but it can be a viable temporary option i suppose.
  5. whoops haha, forgot i posted this on the forums.... i got both heads up to critical temperature and then i quenched it in a brine quench instead of just plain water. i just used a heat treating oven for the temper, but the actually heat treating i just used a coal forge to get it up to temp... dunno why i did it that way now that i think about it. thank you. i need to make some slot and punching hammers in this next week or so.. power hammers make a world of a difference haha.
  6. Been on a tool making kick lately and ive been wanting a rounding hammer, 4140 with a walnut handle, 3lbs.
  7. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ its pretty thick so i dont think just quenching it in water would get it down to temp fast enough, so i used a pressure washer... was probably overkill but better safe than sorry in my opinion. yea that probably would've been smarter in hindsight.... i normally make blades so forging hammers is a pretty new process to me, this is my first hammer.
  8. no you guys are right, i haven't dressed it yet, because i haven't used it yet.
  9. Forged a 4140 Dog head hammer, heat treated with a pressure washer and I was surprised how well that worked.
  10. yea... The handle and guard is red paduke. Its no very big, the blade is 18 inches, and the handle is 5.5 inches.
  11. Recently forged a new blade... Im still pretty new to the swordsmithing scene, But what do you guys think? 1075 steel, Buffalo leather, Not quite sure what the wood is to be honest. Inspired by Tormund Gaintbane's Sword from Game of thrones.
  12. I recently created a blade for a buddy, but for the longest time I couldn't figure out how to do the fuller. I just gave in one day and I milled out the fuller. Question is, How do you guys create your fullers without cheating like me?
  13. So, forging in sub zero temperature outside. how often should i do this and how safe is it.
  14. well, the axe is supposed to work like this... it works well, just i wish i could forge a proper one, mainly due to the lack of steel i have and lack of drifting tools. not my picture btw. you ahh, you seem to know your stuff. I'll definitely use this in consideration. =)
  15. I would really love that, im going to ft Wayne next Friday, maybe i can stop over.
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