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  1. Nice looking build, I like the cost. I say this because if you got a good basic grasp of welding that was worth $50. Most anyone can build with wood (good or bad) Way fewer can build with steel, less can weld. and even less than that have the means to.
  2. Search auto salvage, Some of these have you pull it. but better than that they have a few piles of just scrap metal. Mark
  3. Yes that is what I am talking about. how did you highlight them? that is pretty handy.
  4. Yes Charles that would be them one more is laying right in front of the anvil base. looks like that boxed in area would hook something to bend or hold it. Mark
  5. Very nice, thanks for sharing. imagine the tips and tricks this guy must have had. Looks like he stock some items, like pliers, hooks and horse shoes. I have a question about a tool there. There is a set of somewhat scrolled bars on the ground to the right of the anvil, they have a lever coming off the more curled end. Anyone know what they are? Mark
  6. Frosty will do. Yeah I noticed on the leaf I tried to make that I cut just a tad to deep and sharp Thanks again guys Mark
  7. Charles, yeah I have a habit going a little over board when it comes to setting up equipment. Yes as I saw I could have done those things, but I wanted to go this way.A duel mounting sound like a idea for me to think on. but the next step is to make some tongs. I don't mind the dropping of the part but I can't seem to pick the heat up with it. I sure butchered my first attempt at a Square hole, lesson learned. seems I made the slit to big.Thinking it should be about the same as the corner to corner of the square. Well I have time to learn. I shall get better a few thousand more swings of the
  8. ​Well I was under the impression that I might need some thing to hammer on, not being a smith I most have just got that part wrong. I know I could have used a rock but I could not find one big/hard enough. None the less I did get some time in hammering some hot steel so I get good enough to make some tongs so I stop dropping my work. Mark
  9. OK so this is what I have too start. I think I can get by with this. What do you guys think? Mark
  10. (Radish juice and worm water anyone?) Add some Rum and that sounds like a sailors drink. ​
  11. when you can time the deer roast and blade to be done at the same time.
  12. Thanks guys for all the ideas, all were good but I think my tunnel vision on the fact that most anvils have a hardy hole caused me to miss the obvious solution of holding them in a vice. as once I get back to work and money is available yes I may buy a better anvil, I will also be looking for a post vice. Square tube also a great idea. I had thought of a weld in plug. I also am considering adding some plate to the top to create a step at the horn. But all I have is A36 plate (hot rolled low carbon, Think structural Steel) not sure if that will be hard enough to hold up. Crantius, great Idea in
  13. I am making my first anvil from a piece of RR track. I want to add a hardy hole and trying to think of the best way to do it. I can drill it to size, could I then heat it and drive a square punch in. or is there a better way? Any Ideas on a good size I have seen them in 3/4 and 1". the round hole should be no issue. I am new to Blacksmithing, but not to metal working. Any help will be appreciated. mark
  14. Yeah but did you have you tube, IFI? You sound like you have been at it long enough that the internet was either real new or not at all. Great tool it is. but so many waste it on nothing but games. We should be the most informed and educated generation yet. But I am not seeing it! (end rant) Thanks again and once I make some parts I will post for critique. Mark
  15. Frosty Yes it will get a stand outside but in a way that it can be removed and put in out of the weather. No the label was just as vague as the web site. They package this for their use in the mills and other hot industries. I think I just jumped the gun. It blistered but it stayed for the most part. no cracking. many things will change if I make another. Learning curve but with guys like you and others here, also David Hammer, it came out well and useable. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. I called it cement so that was on me. Thanks for all your advice and time. Mark
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